Thursday, September 24, 2009

Martha Stewart TV show

The Martha Stewart TV show is called "Martha Stewart Living". The show provided tips on cooking, home decorating, gardening, crafts and other useful information for providing an atmosphere of gracious living for anyone. The show airs 5 days a week for an hour in syndication and is sure to teach you something new. The show debuted in September of 1993 as a weekly syndicated program. In 1999, The Martha Stewart TV show expanded to a one-hour program. The show recently changed to a live studio audience format.

The Martha Stewart TV show spawned the Martha Stewart's empire. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia went public on July 30, 1999. It provided the first step that would also land her in prison for insider trading. She worked a model to pay her college tuition at Barnard College where majored in history. She quit modeling after her daughter was born and began a second career as a stock broker. After the 1973 recession, she moved to Connecticut with her husband and daughter.
The first step to the Martha Stewart TV show was the catering business she ran out of the basement of her farmhouse. She also wrote articles for the �new York Times� and became an editor for �House Beautiful� and contributed to �Family Circle�. Eventually she started publishing her own magazine �Martha Stewart Living.� After making frequent guest appearance on the �today� show, a producer offered Martha her own weekly syndicated show.

Meanwhile, Martha was earning the nickname of �The High Priestess of Perfection�. She became the women that most working and family women loved to hate. She was always trying to portray a �goody-goody� image. An investigative biography titled �Just Desserts� written by Jerry Oppenheimer in 1995, painted her as a cold, demanding and unfriendly person�a real bitch. Whoever said, �There is no such thing as bad publicity� knew what he was talking about. The controversy surrounding the Oppenheimer biography made the Martha Stewart TV show more popular than ever. She never refuted anything in the book, just denounced Oppenheimer for telling the truth.

Then when the Martha Stewart TV show was at it highest rating, Martha was charged with insider trading. The publicity was the norm for a celebrity trial. She was eventually convicted and sent to prison and the Martha Stewart TV show was temporarily suspended while she was in jail. She was paroled under house arrest after serving part of her sentence. Martha Stewart has bounced back and even has a new mimicking Donald Trump�s �Apprentice� program.

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