Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Technology Microsoft

A random question: How many people, who are even remotely connected to the information technology world, have not heard of �Microsoft�? Not many for sure. Yes, that is how popular Microsoft Corporation has become. And it all started when Microsoft�s found Mr. Bill Gates, made the first DOS software for IBM computers in the mid 70s. And today, New technology microsoft have become the most popular software, worldwide!

So what actually is a New technology microsoft? A New technology microsoft is any software that is either developed or marketed by Microsoft Corporation. Examples of such software are: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Money, Microsoft Office, etc. The range of New technology microsoft is quite broad and wide�from serious applications, like operating systems to games. Microsoft Corporation has pretty much every type of software under its umbrella! Being a pioneer in the field of software development and also because it enjoys so much popularity worldwide, Microsoft Corporation, sets standards for other software developers.

Unlike other software, New technology microsoft are mostly commercial software. They are quite expensive, as well. There are only a few New technology microsoft that are free to use. Most of such free New technology microsoft are internet browsers or chatting software, like MSN messenger, MSN explorer, Internet Explorer, etc.

Lately, a lot of groups have formed who are against using New technology microsoft. These groups encourage other users to use alternative software, instead of New technology microsoft. Some of them have even filed law suits against Microsoft Corporation. But even after so much �hatred� New technology microsoft still enjoys a lot of popularity among computer users. This is mainly because New technology microsoft are more �user-friendly� compared to other similar software. Moreover, New technology microsoft are always backed up with good customer and technical support. Most of the other software that are available in the market today, fail miserable on these two counts. So even though the anti-Microsoft groups have gained some popularity, there is hardly any doubt that New technology microsoft will continue to �rule� the information technology world and �define� the way we work with computers for years to come!

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