Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pirate Software ftp

A Pirate software ftp is basically an �upload and/or download� software. A Pirate software ftp is used to upload and/or download files to or from a server. It�s not that files cannot be uploaded or downloaded without a Pirate software ftp but using a Pirate software ftp makes the whole process much easier. For a person who is not computer savvy, uploading or downloading files from a server can become a real headache!

A Pirate software ftp with its GUI or graphical user interface can make the whole process seem like a child�s play. Most Pirate software ftp that are available today are GUI based and therefore, support the ever-so-nice �drag-and-drop� feature. So to upload or download files, one just has to select the file or files and drag them to the destination folder. The Pirate software ftp takes care of the rest.

If one is not using a Pirate software ftp, then one will have to use DOS commands to upload or download files. For most people, that is way too much cumbersome! Another good thing about a Pirate software ftp is that it allows �breaks� and �resumptions� during uploading or downloading files provided the server supports those features. This feature is particularly useful if the file or files concerned are large and the connection is a dial-up connection. Most Pirate software ftp also support �queuing�. This means that a Pirate software ftp can upload or download several files, one after another without a user�s intervention!

If one has to upload or download files on a regular or daily basis, then a Pirate software ftp is a must. There are several that are available in the market. Some are expensive while some are cheap. But if one is on a tight budget or is not willing to spend a dime on a Pirate software ftp then would be a good place to search. Many popular and free Pirate software ftp like the CoreFTP or Gozilla can be downloaded directly from there. Yes, for free!

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