Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pocket PC Recipe Software

First, you saw them on desks. Then you saw them on people�s lap. Now you see them in people�s pockets!

You must be wondering what is this �them� here. In case, you haven�t figured it out yet, we are talking about personal computers. Personal computers that we find on desks are called desktop computers, personal computers that we find on people�s lap are called laptops and personal computers that we find in people�s pocket these days are fittingly called �Pocket PC�

Because Pocket PCs work almost the same way a normal computer does, Pocket pc recipe software are similar to regular computer software. Today�s Pocket PCs run on Windows Mobile 2003 operating system (built on Windows CE and .NET), which is a slimmed-down counterpart to Windows and has the same look and feel, but only fewer features.

So what sort of Pocket pc recipe software can be found in a typical Pocket PC? Well, one can find mostly Windows operating system compatible Pocket pc recipe software like, Pocket Outlook for mail, Pocket Word and Pocket Excel. Pocket pc recipe software for internet browsing and chatting are usually found too. Many Pocket PCs even come with more advanced Pocket pc recipe software like Terminal Services and MS Reader. Because handwriting recognition is essential for Pocket PC, such Pocket pc recipe software are almost sure to be found in a Pocket PC.

MS ActiveSync, the desktop synchronizing application for Windows desktops, is another Pocket pc recipe software that are usually found in all Pocket PCs. MS Active Sync synchronizes Outlook data to the PDA.

These were just some of the regular Pocket pc recipe software. There are tons of other Pocket pc recipe software available on the internet. Many of those Pocket pc recipe software are available for free too., and are just some of the popular Pocket pc recipe software websites. But remember, before you start downloading such Pocket pc recipe software, make sure you are downloading from a reliable. You can never be too safe when it comes to free software!

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