Friday, October 9, 2009

Relentless Software

Relentless Software is software developer from the U.K. Recently, Relentless Software has become a popular name among computer users. And the reason being their latest software�Decks & FX. Relentless Software has won rave reviews for �Decks & FX�.

Though Relentless Software is more dedicated towards gaming software, Decks & FX is a DJing software. Relentless Software in collaboration with Sony, brought out this amazing software.

Many of us love music and more so being a DJ. Thanks to Relentless Software�s Decks & FX, being a DJ in now as easy as snapping a finger. The biggest hurdle for a budding DJ has always been loads of expensive equipment. Relentless Software realized this problem and they made sure that Decks & FX does not require such expensive and fancy equipment.

Relentless Software when creating Decks & FX also made sure that it is not meant for advanced users only. Rookies can also give DJing a try with it. For this reason, Relentless Software has included a complete walk through module for beginners that explain what and how to use each of the DJing tools. There are also helpful icons and prompts that guide a new user. And for advanced users, Relentless Software has tried to provide the same tools that a professional DJ might need to play the perfect club mix. With the help of a sampler, DJ�s can record a short track and can drop it back to mix it later! There are volume and equalizer controls for that perfect mix. What�s more, this awesome product from Relentless Software can even detect the presence of PS2 or USB headsets automatically!

Simply put, Relentless Software�s Decks & FX is perhaps one of the best DJing software around. If one is interested in DJing then he or she should give Decks & FX a try. It is one of those rare software that gives a user real value for his or her money.

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