Monday, October 26, 2009

Spam Software Redirect Sender

Spam. You may have heard the word but you may not be very sure what it exactly means. So, here is a simple and quick explanation of the word: spam is unsolicited e-mails!

In case you are not aware of the magnitude of this nuisance, then here is a unbelievable statistic: spamming is the single largest nuisance for internet users as approximately 15 billions e-mails that are sent daily are actually spam e-mails!

To fight this growing nuisance, software developers have come up with spam software redirect sender. The job of spam software redirect sender is to protect your e-mail�s inbox by directing unsolicited generic e-mails to the place they belong�the �Trash/Junk Folders�. Although not perfect, but spam software redirect sender have indeed been successful in combating this menace to a large extent. Equipped with spam filers, such spam software redirect sender can help a user manage and control the onslaught of unsolicited e-mails.

There are several spam software redirect sender like, EmailProtect, SpamEater Pro, Qurb, etc. that are available in the market today. To choose the right one is often a difficult task. To choose the right spam software redirect sender, ask yourself these questions:

� Is the spam software redirect sender easy to install and use? Moreover, is it easy to setup the filtering �rules�?
� Does the spam software redirect sender have a good balance of being able to filter out spam and yet allow valid emails to come through? This is very important as you do not want to lose important emails just to fight spam e-mails!
� Does the spam software redirect sender allow you to block or email based on senders� email addresses, IP addresses, server or domain addresses or country of origin?
� Does the spam software redirect sender include the capability block or allow e-mails based on content?
� And finally, how good is the spam software redirect sender in blocking pornographic emails?

Use these guidelines to help you decide on which spam software redirect sender you wish to go for. Remember, having an spam software redirect sender is important but more important is choosing the right one!

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