Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Service Business Software

A service business software is a software that is used by business organizations to run their business more effectively and smoothly. Unlike entertainment software, for example computer games that are used just for fun, service business software are used for commercial purposes. By using a good service business software, an organization can increase its efficiency, improve on its productivity and most importantly, cut down on costs.

Many different �terms� have been developed over the years to denote various types of service business software. Although these service business software have the same primary goal (to help a business function smoothly) their, individual functionalities may vary widely. RDBMS, CRM, ERP and e-commerce software are just few examples of such service business software.

Contrary to popular belief, service business software are no longer the prerogative of just the Fortune 500 companies or other top-notch companies. A service business software may be used by almost any company - big or small - every day. They can handle the needs and requirements of any type of business with �lan.

The scope and nature of a service business software may vary depending on the application. For example, an accounting service business software may be used only to take care of the financials of a business. Similarly, a contact manager with the task of mass-emailing may use a CRM package, while a RFQ post/bid site will need a B2B service business software application.

Unlike other software, a service business software is almost never available for free. And why should they be? After all business houses are willing to pay for them because they realize the benefits of using a service business software.

It would be wrong though to assume that there aren�t any free service business software. There are some few service business software which are available for free but they have their own drawbacks. Most of them come with advertisements and other adware and spyware, that generate revenue for the developers of the software. For small business organizations that are stretched on budget, such an alternative, however, may turn out to be quite useful and helpful.

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