Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stock Market Prediction Software

A stock market prediction software is a financial analysis and trading tool to help investors in making better decisions and gain significant edges in stock market trading and investing. With a stock market prediction software one can automatically keep a comprehensive account of one�s trading history and activity. At the click of a button one can take a stock of one�s trading success and/or failures.

For over 200 years, experts around the world have been using a method called �Charting� for profitable trading. Stock market prediction software have automated this method and with their well designed technical analysis can even help users to gain a deeper insight into the stock market industry.

A stock market prediction software combines traditional technical analysis with modern artificial intelligence technologies. With the ability to learn patterns from historical data, a stock market prediction software enables a user to create accurate systems that can guide him or her in entering and exiting stock positions. Financial modeling is a complex task involving probability theory and quantitative analysis. A stock market prediction software can do such modeling easily, efficiently and profitably without a glitch.

Armed with a stock market prediction software a user can create and �train� stock models, import stock data, test trading strategies and models, get real-time analysis and trading recommendations. That�s not all, a stock market prediction software can perform daily and/or intra-day analysis and predictions. Good stock market prediction software can even find hot stocks by scanning trading data!

But beware! The intelligence of stock market prediction software comes largely from statistical analysis on historical data and from the market information fed into it. They are certainly not a substitute for a stock trader�s own intelligence, experience and intuition! Moreover, certain parameters that affect stock markets (like political upheavals) are beyond the scope of stock market prediction software. Therefore, a stock market prediction software should be used only as a �helping-hand� rather than as a �decision-maker�.


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