Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Orleans Television Stations

Not all of the New Orleans television stations
are back on the air yet with full time schedules after the horrible devastation that hurricane Katrina inflicted on the entire gulf coast region of the United states. The following is a list of the New Orleans television stations:

ABC 26 � this New Orleans television stations offers local news, weather, sports, local programming and the complete ABC prime time lineup.

FOX 8 - this New Orleans television stations offers local news, sports, weather, local programming and the Fox Prime time lineup.

Cox Cable - this New Orleans television stations offers cable TV and digital TV in this area. As part of the Cox Cable network, they carry all of the normal free, paid and pay per view programs provided by the Cox cable network.

WB38 - this New Orleans television stations offers local news, sports, weather, local programming and the Fox Prime time lineup news, sports, weather, talk shows and other local programming.

WDSU 6 - The New Orleans - this New Orleans television stations offers local news, sports, weather, local programming and the Fox Prime time lineup local news, weather, sports and local programming.

WHNO TV-20 - this New Orleans television stations is a 24 hour, 7 day a week television station that offers classic family, Christian inspirational programs, news, home decorating, music video, sports, and children shows. They consider themselves the only TV station in the area where it is safe to let the kids watch unsupervised.

WLAE 32 - this New Orleans television stations is the local public TV information station and provides the familiar public TV programming along with local music, video and other general interest and talk programs.

WWL-TV Channel 4 - this New Orleans television stations is the Louisiana's News station offering weather, sports, local celebrity talk and information programs, in depth reports and other features.

WYES Channel 12 - this New Orleans television stations is supported by the Greater New Orleans Educational Television Foundation. The station offers all kinds of educational programming, actual classes and other interesting features.

The New Orleans television stations provide the wide range of broadcast programs that you would expect to find in any metropolitan area. We wish the New Orleans television stations a speedy return to full operations after the devastation of Katrina.

Process Mapping Software

Process mapping software programs are developed to help the user create, edit and study various kinds of maps. Process mapping software is used by a wide range of professionals in a large variety of spheres, from farmers, foresters, ecologists and archaeologists to academicians and researchers, and by sales and marketing personnel in small businesses as well as big corporate houses. Providing solutions to a host of cartographic needs, such process mapping software programs therefore rangefrom those which offer simple functions such as viewing and drawing simple maps to sophisticated applications which can systemically analyze data and work with a number of variables. An efficient general process mapping software program should be easy to use and be chosen to suit the specific requirements of the user.

Scientists and academicians use advanced process mapping software that require thorough training and can perform complex functions such as map projections and solving geometronic problems. Business process mapping software programs facilitate sales and market analysis by allowing users to make maps of territories, districts, regions, distributor areas, dealers, resellers, warehouses, etc.

Good process mapping software programs should have custom tools and commands, and need to be modularized, grouping separate features and levels of map detail depending on the needs of the user. Apart from these, the other functions of process mapping software products include autocorrelation, image manipulation, batch map production tool, sharing geographical data with groups, the ability to create territories with particular accounts, to maintain different and flexible geographical levels, and to provide reports that explain the maps.

Many process mapping software, like Maptitude, MapMaker, MapInfo, are available in the market. Some are free to use, while some must be purchased. Generally, simple entry-level process mapping software are the free ones that can be downloaded free or at a relatively low cost from the internet. High-end process mapping software, or process mapping software with advanced features that are better suited for large organizations, are however, quite expensive.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Free DVD Player Downloads

There are lots of good Free dvd player downloads available these days, using which one can play DVD movies on a computer. Some of the popular Free dvd player downloads are: CyberLink PowerDVD 3.0, InterVideo WinDVD 3.0, and Ravisent Technology�s CineMaster DVD. Most Free dvd player downloads that come with high-end video cards or with DVD drives are basically OEM versions of these three players. Apart from these, Real Player and Windows Media Player can also play DVD movies. These are however free Free dvd player downloads.

Free dvd player downloads provide all the features that one needs to turn his or her computer into a DVD player. They offer maximum video and audio playback entertainment by delivering high quality viewing and listening experience. Offering exceptional movie, video, photo, and music enjoyment through an easy to navigate interface, a good Free dvd player downloads gives a user an all-in-one home entertainment center that can be used with or without a remote control! Good Free dvd player downloads offer feature-rich navigation controls, background playing mode, local zoom in function, excellent crash disk correcting and caption processing capability.

More advanced Free dvd player downloads can provide additional multimedia support like live TV, recording shows, creating unique slideshows of photos and giving 6.1 channels Dolby Digital sound output! A user can even display additional subtitles during DVD files playback. The subtitles are overlaid on top of the video. Free dvd player downloads use the �time code� feature of a DVD to synchronize the subtitles with the movie. One can pause, fast forward, rewind or even go to his or her favorite scene and yet subtitles would remain synchronized with the video and audio.

If you are planning to get hold of a Free dvd player downloads, the best way to start would be to check out the demos of Cyberlink�s PowerDVD or InterVideo�s WinDVD. You can also ask people around who have been using a Free dvd player downloads and get their feedbacks. And then when you have found the best Free dvd player downloads for yourself purchase it and start enjoying you favorite DVD movies�right on your computer!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Free DVD Burning Software

DVD software are used to burn DVDs. Because DVDs are different from regular CDs they need different hardware and software, when it comes to reading or writing on them.

In reality, there is not much need for free dvd burning software because most DVD burners come with an OEM version of some type of DVD software or the other. For most people such OEM version free dvd burning software is good enough but some people prefer additional features and therefore they need other free dvd burning software.

As in most cases, internet has many free dvd burning software that can be downloaded by any one. But caution must be exercised before downloading free dvd burning software. It is always a good idea to read the reviews of free dvd burning software before actually downloading, installing and running them. Particular attention must be paid on the system requirements and compatibility issues of free dvd burning software. If an incorrect free dvd burning software is run on a computer, it might cause permanent damage to a DVD writer.

Not only compatibility, there are other issues with free dvd burning software, as well. In fact, many free dvd burning software actually contain viruses and bugs. Such �corrupted� free dvd burning software might also prove to be extremely detrimental to a computer or to a DVD writer.

Apart from being �bugless� and 100% compatible, a good free dvd burning software should have an easy to navigate interface, it should support all standard formats and should use the best possible writing technologies in order to preserve the audio and video quality.

DVDs and DVD writers have become quite popular mainly because their costs have come down considerably. They are also far ahead in quality and storage capacities in comparison to normal CDs. Due to the increase in their popularity free dvd burning software are also in demand. It might be a little bit early to say that DVDs would become more popular than normal CDs but the way their costs are coming down and the way their technology is improving, they are surely going to give normal CDs a good competition in a few years from now.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Free DVD Burners

What is a DVD player software? A DVD player software allows a computer user to watch a DVD on his or her computer. What makes a DVD player software �special� is that DVDs generally use a better but more complex compression technology compared to a normal video CD. Not only that, DVDs are organized somewhat differently, as well. Unlike a normal CD, DVDs are organized in �Chapters� and therefore a normal video player software cannot �read� them.

There are both commercial and free dvd burners that are available for users. Most of the free dvd burners can be downloaded directly from, and

Today, almost all the popular operating systems come with an in-built free dvd burners. The operating systems provide the free dvd burners without charging the users anything extra. Media Player is a free DVD software that has advanced features and come absolutely free with the Windows operating system. It can also be downloaded for free from Similarly, Macintosh computers and computers running on Linux operating system have their own in-built free dvd burners. They also support advanced features. Also, if one purchases a DVD player, the hardware manufacture usually provides a OEM version of a DVD player software. Samsung for example, provides Cyberlink�s PowerDVD for free.

Apart from the in-built free dvd burners that come with the operating systems and the OEM versions of DVD player software, there is another very popular free dvd burners. It is called RealPlayer. RealPlayer has two versions � a free one and a commercial one. Of course, like any other software, the commercial version has advanced features. The free version, however, is not bad at all. For many people, the free version comes with enough features to meet their expectations and requirements. The RealPlayer free dvd burners can be downloaded from

Needless to say, one should be very careful when downloading a free dvd burners. A free dvd burners should be downloaded only from a trusted website to avoid viruses, worms, etc.