Friday, January 1, 2010

Free DVD Burners

What is a DVD player software? A DVD player software allows a computer user to watch a DVD on his or her computer. What makes a DVD player software �special� is that DVDs generally use a better but more complex compression technology compared to a normal video CD. Not only that, DVDs are organized somewhat differently, as well. Unlike a normal CD, DVDs are organized in �Chapters� and therefore a normal video player software cannot �read� them.

There are both commercial and free dvd burners that are available for users. Most of the free dvd burners can be downloaded directly from, and

Today, almost all the popular operating systems come with an in-built free dvd burners. The operating systems provide the free dvd burners without charging the users anything extra. Media Player is a free DVD software that has advanced features and come absolutely free with the Windows operating system. It can also be downloaded for free from Similarly, Macintosh computers and computers running on Linux operating system have their own in-built free dvd burners. They also support advanced features. Also, if one purchases a DVD player, the hardware manufacture usually provides a OEM version of a DVD player software. Samsung for example, provides Cyberlink�s PowerDVD for free.

Apart from the in-built free dvd burners that come with the operating systems and the OEM versions of DVD player software, there is another very popular free dvd burners. It is called RealPlayer. RealPlayer has two versions � a free one and a commercial one. Of course, like any other software, the commercial version has advanced features. The free version, however, is not bad at all. For many people, the free version comes with enough features to meet their expectations and requirements. The RealPlayer free dvd burners can be downloaded from

Needless to say, one should be very careful when downloading a free dvd burners. A free dvd burners should be downloaded only from a trusted website to avoid viruses, worms, etc.

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