Sunday, January 24, 2010

Process Mapping Software

Process mapping software programs are developed to help the user create, edit and study various kinds of maps. Process mapping software is used by a wide range of professionals in a large variety of spheres, from farmers, foresters, ecologists and archaeologists to academicians and researchers, and by sales and marketing personnel in small businesses as well as big corporate houses. Providing solutions to a host of cartographic needs, such process mapping software programs therefore rangefrom those which offer simple functions such as viewing and drawing simple maps to sophisticated applications which can systemically analyze data and work with a number of variables. An efficient general process mapping software program should be easy to use and be chosen to suit the specific requirements of the user.

Scientists and academicians use advanced process mapping software that require thorough training and can perform complex functions such as map projections and solving geometronic problems. Business process mapping software programs facilitate sales and market analysis by allowing users to make maps of territories, districts, regions, distributor areas, dealers, resellers, warehouses, etc.

Good process mapping software programs should have custom tools and commands, and need to be modularized, grouping separate features and levels of map detail depending on the needs of the user. Apart from these, the other functions of process mapping software products include autocorrelation, image manipulation, batch map production tool, sharing geographical data with groups, the ability to create territories with particular accounts, to maintain different and flexible geographical levels, and to provide reports that explain the maps.

Many process mapping software, like Maptitude, MapMaker, MapInfo, are available in the market. Some are free to use, while some must be purchased. Generally, simple entry-level process mapping software are the free ones that can be downloaded free or at a relatively low cost from the internet. High-end process mapping software, or process mapping software with advanced features that are better suited for large organizations, are however, quite expensive.

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