Monday, February 15, 2010

Free Microsoft Virus Protection

What are computer viruses? Computer viruses are programs that are designed by programmers with the intent of bringing down a computer system, or steal information from a computer system, or hack into a computer system, or maybe even spread a message. Computer viruses if not removed from a computer system can cause a lot of damage, mostly in terms of data loss. The best way to get rid of a computer virus is by using a good free microsoft virus protection package.

An free microsoft virus protection package is a special kind of program that scans a computer system and isolates or removes computer viruses. But how does an free microsoft virus protection package work? Well, technically, viruses are usually very small programs that contain fragments of unique codes in them. These code fragments can be used as a method of identification, or "fingerprints". When an free microsoft virus protection package scans a computer system, it looks for these �fingerprints� that may be present in the stored files and compares them with a large in-built database called "virus definitions." If a match is found, the free microsoft virus protection immediately alerts the user for a possible virus threat.

According to an estimate by a leading free microsoft virus protection company the �birth rate� of new viruses is almost two hundred a month. Because a good part of the detecting ability of an free microsoft virus protection package depends on the �virus definitions� file, it must therefore be updated regularly. Most advanced free microsoft virus protection packages update their own �virus definition� database. For other free microsoft virus protection packages, it must be done manually by the user.

Currently, several free microsoft virus protection packages are available in the market. Some are expensive, while some are free. Some of the leading free microsoft virus protection companies that sell free microsoft virus protection packages are: Symantec, McAfee, Grisoft, etc. Each free microsoft virus protection package is unique in its own way and so, a user must weigh both the pros and cons of an free microsoft virus protection package before purchasing one.

It is illegal to design and spread viruses in most countries and yet, new viruses are born everyday. With the growth of internet, viruses have started spreading faster and more efficiently. Therefore installing an free microsoft virus protection package has become quite necessary in the last few years. A good free microsoft virus protection package can not only clean a computer system from viruses but can also protect it from virus attacks. Just like the old saying, prevention, after all, is always better than a cure.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Free Mac Remover Spyware

Here is a quick checklist: Is your computer running slower than it normally does? Is the homepage of your web browser getting set to pages you had never asked for? Is your internet connection getting slower? Are you getting toolbars and buttons on your web browser that you never wanted? Are you receiving spam emails? If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions then your computer might be infected with free mac remover spyware. So beware! You might be �under surveillance� without your knowledge. No don�t worry you are not probably being watched by the Feds but most probably by some unscrupulous website owners/managers.

So what exactly is a free mac remover spyware? To put it in simple and lucid terms, a free mac remover spyware is a program, that usually gets downloaded from the internet unknowingly without a computer user�s knowledge. After getting downloaded, free mac remover spyware usually send information about the user, without his or her knowledge whenever the computer is connected to the internet. Usually the information sent is harmless in nature�like surfing habits, shopping habits, spending habits, etc. Most free mac remover spyware do not send critical (or �classified� information, as the Feds would love to call them) information like your credit card details. But there are free mac remover spyware that are capable of doing so!

So how do these free mac remover spyware get downloaded in the first place? Free mac remover spyware get downloaded mostly in the form of cookies when you visit websites. Sometimes, when you visit certain websites, they download �Active x� programs to your computer that can act as free mac remover spyware. Another popular way of a free mac remover spyware reaching your computer is when you download software, songs, video clips, games, etc., from the internet. Many software programs today come with such free mac remover spyware built in them!

Free mac remover spyware though not generally very harmful are nuisance, nevertheless. The biggest issue with free mac remover spyware is that they invade a computer user�s privacy. Privacy is something that is very dear to most of us and therefore, it is no wonder, that some computer users hate free mac remover spyware with a passion!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free Fax Software

Do you have a standalone or multifunction fax machine? If you do, then maybe it is about time that you pack it up and put it in the store room! A smarter way of sending faxes would be through computers. It is a smart way because it is very economical. With computer based faxing you can do away with papers, ink cartridges and of course, the expensive fax machine!

If you are a Windows XP user, you already have a free fax software that you can use to send and receive faxes. For most people, this free fax software is good enough. However, for some people Windows XP�s free fax software may not be sufficient because it does not provide all the features that some of the other free fax software provide.

Internet which happens to be the best source for free software, also have several free fax software. and are two websites where one can find some excellent free fax software like FaxLauncher, FaxLink and FaxMail.

These free fax software allow a user to create, send, and receive fax through computers. Even though each free fax software is different from the other, the basic features are more or less same for all of them. With free fax software, one can create, annotate and send faxes and email messages in addition to viewing faxes and listening to voice mail messages. Some advanced free fax software may even allow broadcasting feature which means that a single fax can be sent to multiple recipients through one transmission rather than having to send the fax individually to each recipient. This is a great time-saving feature. As if that is not all, some free fax software allow users to automate the whole faxing (receiving and sending) operations.

If today more and more people are switching to computer based faxing it is because of free fax software. They have helped to bring the down the costs involved to a great extent. And the way the things are looking, using a real fax machine will soon become a thing of the past!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Free DVD Burning Programs

Free dvd burning programs are used to burn movies or data on a DVD disk. DVD disks use a better compression technology and works quite differently from a typical CD. For writing data Free dvd burning programs use a process similar to writing on a normal CD. But writing a movie on a DVD disk entails a complex process. To write a movie, a Free dvd burning programs has to bring together video files, audio tracks, menu, etc. into a single file. Free dvd burning programs call this process �compiling� or �building�.

At the end of the compiling stage a Free dvd burning programs creates two new folders (containing data files), called "VIDEO_TS" and "AUDIO_TS." Depending on the Free dvd burning programs, a user may have the option of either writing these folders to a disk or save it on the hard drive. DVD compilations take a lot of hard drive space, typically between 4 GB to 7 GB, and therefore, one must make sure that there is enough hard drive space before starting the burning process.

There are many free Free dvd burning programs available for free on the internet. However, most of them are not up to the mark. So it is better to buy a Free dvd burning programs, rather than going for a free one. But before buying a Free dvd burning programs, one should explore various Free dvd burning programs users� forums on the internet to find out about their performance in the real world.

Using Free dvd burning programs to burn DVDs is a fun thing to do but there is something that should be kept in mind. Before you burn a movie or copy a DVD disk, pay particular attention to copyrights. Remember, writing a copyrighted movie on a DVD disk, even if it is for your personal use, could be a violation of copyright laws and hence, illegal!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Free Crack Software

Most commercial software come with unauthorized usage protection. This is a safeguard used by software developers to protect their revenue interests. Having such protections prevent others to use a software unless he or she has legally bought the software and has the registration key.

Commercial software are protected with locking codes � the key (called the registration key) of which are handed over only to licensed or registered buyers. And that protection is so secure that it is almost impossible to break for most people. But what is good for most people may not be good for all people. There are people out there who can �crack� or break such copy protections by creating special software called free crack software.

So what exactly are free crack software? Free crack software are small programs intended to remove a software's unauthorized usage protection either by using �reengineering� technology or by using fake registration key generation methods. That is their only purpose. Armed with free crack software, anyone can use a commercial software, even though it might be a protected software.

Free crack software are not hard to find. The internet has tons of sites claiming to have free crack software for all types of software. However, one must be aware when using free crack software from these sites. Many of these free crack software are actually worms, Trojans and other sorts of viruses in disguise. Not only that, more often than not most of these so-called free crack software are nothing but junk software because they fail to break the protection. But there are sites that do have genuine free crack software which can work without a glitch.

Needless to say, free crack software are illegal. In fact, the whole process of breaking a software�s protection to use it illegally is something considered criminal by the law. It is true, that free crack software do look and sound tempting but one should avoid using them. Using free crack software is not only ethically and morally wrong but also unlawful in every sense of the word!

Friday, February 5, 2010

TV Shows To Watch Online

Television on your computer? Yes. In fact, there is a world of tv shows to watch online. And they are only a click away. Movies, news casts, government sessions are just a few of the tv shows to watch online.

For example, you might tune into a movie being broadcast in China. Okay, so you don�t understand a word the actors are saying. But normally, you can follow the plot through the actions. That�s just one of many tv shows to watch online on any given night (or day).

Of course, there are a number of English-speaking tv shows to watch online. Many are broadcast in the United States. Others originate in Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland and other English-speaking countries. You might even tune into a news cast from Hong Kong that is in English or at least with English subtitles.

How do you find tv shows to watch online? A good place to start is Here you�ll find a list of over 100 countries that provide tv shows to watch online. Some of the countries you won�t even recognize and that�s part of the fun.

There are no fees involved for any of these tv shows to watch online. All you need is Realplayer and Media Player installed on your computer. And both of these software programs are available as a free download. In fact you can download both these software programs from the wwitv web site and within minutes you�ll have a wide selection of tv shows to watch online.

To make the experience of world-wide tv watching on your computer even more fun, keep a log of your viewing. Not all tv shows to watch online will be available at all hours. Some may only broadcast a few hours on any one given day. And that�s part of the fun. Make a game out of seeing how many of these elusive broadcasts you can catch.

But it�s not all fun and games. Many of the tv shows to watch online can be educational. You�ll get a closeup look at different cultures and visit government in action in other countries. There is such a wide variety of tv shows to watch online that you can spend hours traveling the world. And just think, you�ll never have to leave your computer.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Windows PDA Medical Software

In the last few years, the PDAs (or Personal Digital Assistants) have become very popular worldwide. One of the fallout of such popularity of PDAs is the growth and popularity of windows pda medical software.

Like most free software, windows pda medical software can also be found on the internet. There are several sites that have loads of windows pda medical software that are available for download. The very popular website,, for example, probably has all the windows pda medical software that one might ever need for his or her PDA. If one is looking for a windows pda medical software, would be a very good place to start with.

But a lot of caution should be exercised before downloading windows pda medical software. Many windows pda medical software often come with many additional �free� things, like viruses and worms, that can cause serious damage to PDAs. A user should always download windows pda medical software only from reliable websites. He or she should also check the reviews before actually downloading the windows pda medical software. In most cases, such reviews point out any shortcomings that such software might have.

There is another problem with windows pda medical software and that is the compatibility issue. Many present day windows pda medical software does not have backward compatibility for even slightly old PDAs. If a user happens to have an older PDA he or she should check if the windows pda medical software would actually run or not. Checking out the technical specifications and requirements is of great help in such cases. There is literally no point in taking all the trouble to download a windows pda medical software only to realize later that the software will run on the PDA due to lack of compatibility. That is a sheer waste of time and energy.

Even after considering the above problem and the fact that many windows pda medical software may not be as good as their commercial counterparts, they nevertheless, are still a good alternative for many PDA users who are low on budget or who are not willing to spend additional money on software.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Windows 2000 System Restore

Contrary to the popular belief, Windows 2000 system restore, sometimes abbreviated as W2K, was actually released as an update to Windows NT 4.0 and not an upgrade to Windows 98 or 98 SE. And since then it has become one of the most popular operating system, especially in networked environments. Windows 2000 system restore has been built on Windows NT technology albeit with certain improvements. It�s a full 32-bit operating system. Windows 2000 system restore has support for both NTFS and FAT32 file systems and has special support for big hard disk drives.

Windows 2000 system restore even supports up to 4 GB of Random Access Memory (RAM) and has Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and comes with a much better integration compared to Windows NT or Windows 98.

There are four versions of Windows 2000 system restore-Professional, Server, Advanced Server and Datacenter Server.

Windows 2000 system restore Professional edition is for business desktop and laptop systems. They are mostly used to run software applications, connect to internet and intranet sites and access files, printers and other network resources.

Windows 2000 system restore Server edition is an operating system that acts both as a web server and an officer server. It allows users to build web-based applications, run them and also connect to internet. Windows 2000 system restore Server was designed keeping in mind the need to run file and printer servers.

Windows 2000 system restore Advanced Server edition can handle even more powerful servers and has support for an additional 4 GB of RAM for a total of 8 GB. Windows 2000 system restore Advance Server contains all the functionality of the standard version of Windows 2000 system restore server plus additional features for applications that require higher levels of scalability and availability.

Windows 2000 system restore Datacenter server edition is meant for working in high-traffic computer networks and is basically designed for organizations that need reliable high-end drivers and software. It supports up to 64-way SMP and up to 64 GB of physical memory.

Though not as popular as Windows 98 or Window XP, Windows 2000 system restore is an excellent product because it is stable and reliable. And therefore, for many organizations Windows 2000 system restore is still the first choice operating system!