Sunday, February 7, 2010

Free Crack Software

Most commercial software come with unauthorized usage protection. This is a safeguard used by software developers to protect their revenue interests. Having such protections prevent others to use a software unless he or she has legally bought the software and has the registration key.

Commercial software are protected with locking codes � the key (called the registration key) of which are handed over only to licensed or registered buyers. And that protection is so secure that it is almost impossible to break for most people. But what is good for most people may not be good for all people. There are people out there who can �crack� or break such copy protections by creating special software called free crack software.

So what exactly are free crack software? Free crack software are small programs intended to remove a software's unauthorized usage protection either by using �reengineering� technology or by using fake registration key generation methods. That is their only purpose. Armed with free crack software, anyone can use a commercial software, even though it might be a protected software.

Free crack software are not hard to find. The internet has tons of sites claiming to have free crack software for all types of software. However, one must be aware when using free crack software from these sites. Many of these free crack software are actually worms, Trojans and other sorts of viruses in disguise. Not only that, more often than not most of these so-called free crack software are nothing but junk software because they fail to break the protection. But there are sites that do have genuine free crack software which can work without a glitch.

Needless to say, free crack software are illegal. In fact, the whole process of breaking a software�s protection to use it illegally is something considered criminal by the law. It is true, that free crack software do look and sound tempting but one should avoid using them. Using free crack software is not only ethically and morally wrong but also unlawful in every sense of the word!

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