Sunday, February 14, 2010

Free Mac Remover Spyware

Here is a quick checklist: Is your computer running slower than it normally does? Is the homepage of your web browser getting set to pages you had never asked for? Is your internet connection getting slower? Are you getting toolbars and buttons on your web browser that you never wanted? Are you receiving spam emails? If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions then your computer might be infected with free mac remover spyware. So beware! You might be �under surveillance� without your knowledge. No don�t worry you are not probably being watched by the Feds but most probably by some unscrupulous website owners/managers.

So what exactly is a free mac remover spyware? To put it in simple and lucid terms, a free mac remover spyware is a program, that usually gets downloaded from the internet unknowingly without a computer user�s knowledge. After getting downloaded, free mac remover spyware usually send information about the user, without his or her knowledge whenever the computer is connected to the internet. Usually the information sent is harmless in nature�like surfing habits, shopping habits, spending habits, etc. Most free mac remover spyware do not send critical (or �classified� information, as the Feds would love to call them) information like your credit card details. But there are free mac remover spyware that are capable of doing so!

So how do these free mac remover spyware get downloaded in the first place? Free mac remover spyware get downloaded mostly in the form of cookies when you visit websites. Sometimes, when you visit certain websites, they download �Active x� programs to your computer that can act as free mac remover spyware. Another popular way of a free mac remover spyware reaching your computer is when you download software, songs, video clips, games, etc., from the internet. Many software programs today come with such free mac remover spyware built in them!

Free mac remover spyware though not generally very harmful are nuisance, nevertheless. The biggest issue with free mac remover spyware is that they invade a computer user�s privacy. Privacy is something that is very dear to most of us and therefore, it is no wonder, that some computer users hate free mac remover spyware with a passion!

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