Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Free Spyware

To combat the menace of spyware, many software developers have come up with Free Spyware solutions. These Free Spyware are available on the internet for all of us to download and use without having to pay a dime to the Free Spyware developers.

These Free Spyware are easy to download and install. Once installed, the Free Spyware will scan your computer�s hard drive and the Windows registry to locate and �kill� the spyware that might be present in your computer. Spyware could be smart in hiding themselves from the average user but they cannot hide from the scanning abilities of most Free Spyware.

So what are the tell-tale signs of spyware? Here is quick run-down on some of the symptoms your computer might exhibit if it is infected with spyware:

� It will be get slower
� Homepage of web browser getting reset
� Unusual internet traffic
� Automatically opening up new browser windows and taking you to a particular website without your �instructions�
� Sending spam emails using your address book and email client

Even though spyware do not cause as much harm as, say a virus, can do but they are nevertheless a nuisance and invade a user�s privacy. Free Spyware therefore are a great boon to those people who want to get rid of such spyware from their computers without shelling out any money.

www.download.com is good place to start with if one is trying to get hold of Free Spyware. But one must be very careful while downloading Free Spyware because it has been seen that many of the so-called Free Spyware that are available on the internet for free download, actually plant more spyware instead of removing them! Therefore, it is quite obvious that one should always download Free Spyware only from reliable websites. Failing this might compromise with the overall security of the computer.

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