Thursday, April 29, 2010

Linux Web Software

Linux web software are software that are basically meant for Linux operating system. Linux operating system is much different from Microsoft�s Windows operating system and therefore they need special software.

Because Linux is an open source program, most Linux web software are open source too. What this means is that one can actually get hold of the Linux web software codes and modify them and even customize them to suit their particular needs.

Linux web software are also unique in another way�they are mostly free. There are many websites on the internet from where one can download Linux web software for free. Not only this, Linux web software, in most cases, can be distributed and shared with others without infringing on copyright and intellectual rights and laws.

Linux web software, like Windows software can be broadly divided in two categories�operating system software and application software. Example of an operating system Linux web software is the Linux Kernel software and an example of application software is the Linux media player software.

Technically speaking, Linux web software are more stable than Windows software because the Linux operating system is more stable than the Windows operating systems. Linux web software are also better in another way�they are less exposed to hacking and computer virus attacks. Security issues are not a big issue with most Linux web software.

Even though there are many good things about Linux web software, they are not as popular as Windows software. The main reason behind it is that the Linux operating system when compared in terms of popularity is still way behind the Windows operating systems. Also, most Linux web software need to be customized and are not user-friendly unlike Windows software. For many computer users, these cause a lot of problems.

But things are changing and they are changing fast as Linux web software are becoming more and more user-friendly. Who knows maybe a few years down the road, Linux web software would become even more popular than Windows software. And then maybe, they will be enjoyed and appreciated both by computer geeks and novices alike!

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