Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mechanical CAD Shareware

How would you like to bring home a stereo-system or a computer to check it out for yourself and then returning it, if you are not satisfied? That is exactly how the mechanical cad shareware concept works. A mechanical cad sharewares is essentially a �Try-before-you-buy� software that is available for a limited period free trial offer. Usually, this period is 21 to 30 days, after which, if one wants to continue using the mechanical cad shareware, one needs to register by sending a small fee to the author or the copyright holder of the software. The fee is usually nominal, rarely more than $ 100, and in return, a mechanical cad shareware user is provided with updated versions, technical support, documentation and extra functions. In some cases, a demo version is initially given out for trial and the full features of the mechanical cad shareware are enabled only after the payment has been made. Although there is no system of enforcement, it is illegal and unethical to use a mechanical cad shareware beyond the trial period without registration. If the mechanical cad shareware software is useful, it is advisable to register, as the technical support and the updates are quite helpful. Moreover, the also development teams needs to be paid so that they can continue to develop and offer other software under this relatively cheap and convenient system.

A mechanical cad shareware is a copyrighted software and is quite different from both copyrighted freeware and non-copyrighted public domain software. A mechanical cad shareware should not to be construed as different from other commercial software because a mechanical cad shareware is free only for a limited time period. A mechanical cad shareware uses this free trial offer as a marketing strategy or a distribution system. After the trial period is over, most mechanical cad shareware software usually pop-up annoying reminders (for payment, for course!) or would simply stop functioning.

Getting hold of a mechanical cad shareware is quite easy these days. Thanks to internet. Mechanical cad shareware of myriad types are freely and easily available on the internet and can be downloaded directly. is one such website where tons of mechanical cad shareware are available for free download. One can get hold of a mechanical cad shareware from other users and user-groups, as well. The only costs involved, if any, are the usually the shipping costs or the download time.

There is hardly any doubt that recently, the mechanical cad shareware concept has gained a lot of popularity among computer users and software developers. With time, the popularity is only bound to increase. And why shouldn�t it be that way? After all, in a way, the mechanical cad shareware concept protects both the interest of a software developer and the end-user. The immense popularity of the mechanical cad shareware concept can be understood by the fact that WinZip, which happens to be one of the most popular mechanical cad shareware, has already been downloaded 135 million times!

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