Sunday, May 30, 2010

Point Sale Inventory Software

With the popularity of computers on the rise than ever before and with more and more business organizations getting dependent on computers to handle even their daily chores, the computerization of inventory was sure to happen.

So why should a business organization need an point sale inventory software, when they can get it done manually? There are several reasons but the primary one is that an point sale inventory software can manage the inventory effectively and very efficiently. At minimum, here is what one can expect from an point sale inventory software:

� Invoices could be generated fast and with ease
� Stock levels of inventory items can be managed in real-time
� Customer usage pattern can be tracked
� Customer database can be automatically created
� Reports and queries can be generated just with the click of a button

How many of the above can a manual inventory system handle? Not many, if not any, for sure!

Many people assume that point sale inventory software are used only by big business organizations. This is completely wrong! An Point sale inventory software can be used by any company-big, medium or even small.

Point sale inventory software are generally easy to use and quite user-friendly. There is generally no limit on the number of items an point sale inventory software can deal with. Though for some point sale inventory software the upper limit is 20,000 unique products or items. When a sale is recorded, or an invoice is generated, an point sale inventory software can automatically update the stock level without the user�s input. This feature of an point sale inventory software is very useful for big stores or supermarkets.

Not only these, point sale inventory software also help a user in identifying inventory needs, setting targets, reporting actual and projected inventory status and in eliminating wasted capital expenditure on goods that do not generate sales. A good point sale inventory software can provide a real-time interactive picture of the inventory flow of a business. Therefore, there is hardly any doubt that working in tandem with other financial and accounting software systems, an point sale inventory software can get the most and the best out of a business.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Totally Free DVD Ripper

Planning to set up a DVD library at home? Sounds like a complex thing to do? Not at all, if you can get hold of a good Totally free dvd ripper.

Totally free dvd ripper are mostly used to copy a DVD disk. But they can also be used to archive old analog tapes and making copies of video record of some memorable event, such as a wedding or high school reunion.

A good Totally free dvd ripper should allow a user to copy a DVD from another DVD. A Totally free dvd ripper usually preserves all existing DVD contents including original menus, previews, captions, and multiple language tracks when copying a DVD movie disk.

Using the shrink option, a Totally free dvd ripper can shrink a 120-minute movie to one DVD media. A Totally free dvd ripper�s intuitive wizard-based design makes it extremely easy for anyone to make a copy of their favorite movies.

With more advanced Totally free dvd ripper one can backup his or her existing DVD collections to DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW. One can not only copy his or her DVD collections to blank DVD discs, but also copy DVDs to hard disk folders. Such Totally free dvd ripper can also generate ISO image files of DVDs. Moreover, an advanced Totally free dvd ripper allows users to personalize his or her favorite DVD movies letting them add their own titles, chapters, subtitles, audios. And yes, users can also remove unwanted contents while personalizing DVD movies.

There are so many Totally free dvd ripper out there, like ProDVD, CloneDVD, etc, that it becomes very difficult to choose one. Therefore, just to be on the safe side, before buying a Totally free dvd ripper, one should check out the demo or trial version of it, if available, to see whether it has high compatibility, speed, and quality. Some of these Totally free dvd ripper also come with free upgrades and patches and free technical support which are always good to have.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Business Executive Software

What is a Business Plan? A business plan is a written statement of business intent covering every essential aspect of a business and serving as a general plan and management tool to fine-tune directions, strategies, and unify an organization. And a software that does all these and much more is called a business executive software.

A typical business executive software covers issues like statement of purpose, business location, profile of the firm and the industry, and critical success factors. It also takes into account the type of organization, ownership and management, responsibility, job descriptions, market analysis, fiscal policy, sales forecasts, revenue projections, and an expense budget. A business software may also includes issues like organizational structure, financing (owners' equity, foreign capital), marketing (market analysis, business goals, marketing strategies, advertising), operations (business identity, business location), business financials (projections, historic analysis, ratios) and more.

A well-managed business executive software can help in decision making and controlling expenses and cash flows. Many users feel that using a good business executive software like Business Plan Pro, for example, can in fact, save a lot of time and help one with writing a better business plan. A business executive software can even create the structure of your business plan and walk you through the planning process.

A business executive software if used effectively can also save time by handling the plan writing task quickly and efficiently. This is because a good business executive software does most of the formatting, includes all the financial tables and charts a user will ever need and can allow users to even edit sample plans directly.

Businesses survive on plans and that is why business executive software are needed. In this competitive and dynamic world, business executive software are a must for most businesses. It is true that business executive software do not come cheap but their advantages exceed their prices. A business executive software can surely give that extra edge to a business and help it stay ahead of its competitors and survive!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Academic Discount Software

Academic discount software or educational software is, broadly speaking, any software that helps students and teachers in their work. Under academic discount software, we can have electronic books, instructional material, and programs ranging from Home Education software, Edutainment software and Children's software. Not only these, even high-end research tools and aids can be considered as academic discount software. Academic discount software products are designed for a host of users, school, college and university level students, researchers with special interests, and also for students with disabilities.

Academic discount software or computer-aided learning has several advantages: at times they can be more effective than traditional textbooks since they can simulate real life situations and give the student a taste of practical first-hand experience of a subject. Such academic discount software encourage students to think critically rather than simply provide information. Besides, academic discount software is also widely and cheaply available to educational institutions, to the teaching community, to students, and to individuals who wish to put such software to non-commercial use. Apart from software intended specifically for educational purposes, there are also academic versions of many popular software programs such as Photoshop and Windows XP. Such academic discount software may sometimes have limits on the amount of data that can be collected or inputted but are otherwise functionally identical to their commercial counterparts. They are designed to suit the learning environment and therefore, not useful for professional purposes. One can however, always upgrade from such academic discount software version to the professional version, if needed. Academic discount software can be bought from university stores and stores specializing in such software. They can also be do downloaded from the Internet. For free academic discount software and shareware, is a good and useful website.

Today, academic discount software programs have become an essential part of the educational system. However, it is important to remember that academic discount software cannot take the place of teachers, books and research. Academic discount software can supplement but cannot replace them altogether. And finally, it is also vital to monitor and evaluate such software, in order to ensure quality control, before using them.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cad Surveying Software

Still using a pencil and a paper for drawings? If you want to be another Van Gogh, it is fine with the rest of us! But for architectural and engineering drawings, you are much better off with a Cad surveying software.

So what is a Cad surveying software? A CAD (Computer Aided/Assisted Designing) software is used to facilitate a user in creating architectural and engineering drawings. A Cad surveying software also makes data recording and presentations much easier and better for archaeologists and architects. Instead of creating static and scaled 2D drawings, a Cad surveying software can be used to create geometrical shapes of objects and display the results as 3D models both on screen and on paper. The models may then be viewed from any direction and at any size. Individual views can be further modified by advanced Cad surveying software to provide photo-realistic images. Moreover, with a Cad surveying software dimensional information is better preserved and multiple views are instantly available making manual drafting redundant.

Although a Cad surveying software does not necessarily make the production of an individual drawing quicker or simpler, it does, however, make it far easier to complete the process of making, editing, and printing drawings on paper at scales necessary for specific purposes. These paper drawings then provide the information required to create actual physical objects.

Thanks to modern day computers, nowadays Cad surveying software have become more powerful with better modeling features. The emphasis has now shifted from drawings to objects. That is, Cad surveying software have made it possible to concentrate more on the objects being designed and less on paper drawings.

Even though most of the Cad surveying software available today can produce 3D models they can still be used to create simple, 2D drawings such as a plan of a single-level building.

So if your daily work involves such technical drawings, you might as well start using a Cad surveying software. And as far as being a Van Gogh is concerned, well, you can always try your hand during your spare time!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bible Code Software Free Download

Bible and software? If these two concepts sound incompatible, we need to remind ourselves that with each passing day our lives are becoming more and more dependent on computers and internet. And there might come a time when a household without a computer and internet would be as rare as a household without a Bible.

It is no wonder then, that religion, which still continues to be dominant in the lives of a big part of the world's population, should make use of computers and internet to reach out to the whole world and spread the word of God. Bible code software free download unites religion, specifically Christianity, one of the most ancient systems of human society, with the newest in technology. Bible code software free download programs offer the texts of versions of the Bible, dictionaries, commentaries, meanings and explanations of words and passages, and also tools and utilities for studying the Bible on the computer.

There are many such software packages available, and a Bible enthusiast today can choose from an array of such commercial packages or go for freeware and shareware programs. But can the development and distribution of Bible code software free download be regarded as a commercial industry or is it only another form of evangelic enterprise? Free and shareware Bible programs and those that charge only a nominal usually define themselves as ministry. On the other hand, there are several Bible code software free download packages which do not fight shy of openly promoting themselves as profit-making ventures.

However, it is important to remember that any software of this type, whether it is non-profit-making or otherwise, is, to some extent, missionary in character because each provides an interpretation of Christianity. Many people have pointed out the dangers and possible misuse of such software. However, if used carefully, they can provide a comprehensive range of material and resources in Bible study.

Pros and cons of open-source and commercial bible code software free download: The ones that come for a price assure quality control and are very often more professional. On the other hand, free bible code software free download can make use of the very useful resources of the open source movement and the contributions of a large community of volunteers.

For most users, the Online Bible,, is one of the best free bible code software free download available. Those interested in serious bible research can also go for the expensive Bible Works package,

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Accounting Software For Daycare

In order to run one�s business smoothly and keep one�s budget in shape, one should posses the right kind of accounting software for daycare. Accounting software for daycare are one of the most widely used software in today�s world. A big advantage of using accounting software for daycare is that most of them can be used with spreadsheet and word processing software.

Most accounting software for daycare are easy to use, economical and highly effective in maintaining day-to-day accounts of a business. This has made them highly popular and indispensable for business organizations, whether big or small.

An accounting software for daycare can achieve a lot more than a spreadsheet program. The main task of an accounting software for daycare is to effectively perform the tedious job of keeping the business's accounts in order and generate reports and queries. That�s exactly where a spreadsheet fails and can therefore, never the take place of an accounting software for daycare.

After installation, an accounting software for daycare usually prompts the user to enter general information regarding the company and the financial statements. Thereafter, the accounting software for daycare takes care of all the calculations. A user just needs to keep the software up-to-date with transactions. The accounting software for daycare automatically posts them to the correct ledger and the journals and generates the financial statements.

Accounting software for daycare have proved to be a boon for those who are not very adept in bookkeeping and accounting. Moreover, a small business organization does not need to even hire the services of a professional accountant, if it has a proper accounting software for daycare at its disposal. So an accounting software for daycare can cut down on costs, as well.

Which accounting software for daycare should one buy? There are many of them that are available in the market. However, it must be remembered that there is no �right� or �wrong� accounting software for daycare. A user needs to know which one is �right� for him or her by matching his or her accounting requirements with that of the accounting software for daycare�s features. This �matching up� is very important when choosing an accounting software for daycare. Failing this can make the whole experience of using an accounting software for daycare quite a nightmare.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Animation Snow and Digital Picture Software

An animation snow and digital picture software is a special software that enables a user to chain and sequence a series of images (that are like frames in a movie) to simulate movements.

Jurassic Park, the movie that created a revolution of sorts was mostly done using animation snow and digital picture software. Imagine Steven Spielberg trying to create the same movie some 20 years back! He would have required the use of sculptures, engineers, animatronics specialists, loads of man-hours and of course, hoards of money just to animate the dinosaurs. Animation snow and digital picture software took care of all that.

Animation snow and digital picture software can be of different types. While there are simple GIF animation snow and digital picture software, there are also highly advanced animation snow and digital picture software like Maya.

Animation snow and digital picture software like Maya are used to create movies like Jurassic Park are super complex, super performance and super expensive. Then there are also animation snow and digital picture software like 3D Studio Max and Lightwave 3D that are often used to create video games and virtual reality simulators. With a cost of only about $3,000, animation snow and digital picture software like these can provide high-powered simulations, without the high cost of Maya! For those who do not wish to spend a dime, there are even free animation snow and digital picture software like Anim8or.

A recent global study showed that almost 75% of global computer animation production is devoted to entertainment uses and corporate/industrial communication uses account for the remaining 25%.The largest single use-category is film and TV program production!

As the technology grows the need and uses of animation snow and digital picture software will also grow. Already, animation is being used in fields where only five years ago it would have been considered impractical. Interactive CD-ROMs are used for portfolio presentations. Architectural firms are using 3-D overpasses as a visual tool for their clients. Engineers also use 3-D animations to demonstrate their own working models. Over the web, animations are used for job training and classroom exercises.

Animation snow and digital picture software have changed the way we do a lot of things today and they will continue to do so. In fact, according to many, the growth and usage potential animation snow and digital picture software is only limited by human imagination!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Calendar Making Software

Simply put, a calendar making software is a computer program that enables a user to record events on an electronic calendar. However, technically speaking, a calendar making software is a part of a more general category of software known as PIMs (or Personal Information Managers). A calendar making software acts like datebooks, but they have a few advantages over traditional datebooks. Some of the important advantages are:

� Most calendar making software allow automatic entries. Calendar making software allow a user to specify, for example, that the first Monday of every month is a bridge night, and the calendar making software will automatically fill in the appropriate days.

� Usually calendar making software warn a user of an upcoming event by issuing beeps. A user can also customize such beeps.

� Unlike with traditional datebooks, a user can erase an appointment, if needed, without leaving a trace when using a calendar making software.

Even though features vary with each calendar making software, generally most calendar making software that are available in the market provide features like allowing users to attach reminder notes, schedule meetings and appointments, insert audio clips to any day, set alarms and print blank calendars. Many of them also come with built-in search options using which a user can locate a particular entry or reminder note within a few seconds!

Calendar making software are available in huge numbers both as commercial and as free software. Needless to say, commercial versions come with more and better features. However, there are some free calendar making software that are almost as good.

Downloading a free calendar making software may sound exciting but one should be very careful. Like many free software, they also come with hidden malware like spyware and viruses. A free calendar making software should always be downloaded from a reliable website and only after its reviews have been thoroughly checked out. A good place to look for free calendar making software would be

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Microsoft XP Updates

Microsoft xp updates are multitasking operating environments mostly running on top of MS DOS and providing IBM PCs and compatibles with a GUI (graphical user interface). They make lavish use of icons, dialog boxes, menus and most importantly mouse pointers. Microsoft xp updates� graphical presentation has made them an easy operating system for the common people, many of whom neither have the desire nor the patience to learn the nitty-gritty details of an operating system. It is therefore not an overstatement to say that because of Microsoft xp updates the word personal computer has become a household term today.

Since its inception, Microsoft xp updates has undergone a lot of metamorphosis. Microsoft Corporation started with Microsoft xp updates Version 3.0 and today they have the 32-bit Microsoft xp updates XP creating a sort of mini-revolution in the computing world. According to most people, Micrsoft Windows XP is so far the best operating system taking into account the GUI, stability, hardware compatibility and the user-friendliness factors. Microsoft Corporation is also all set to launch the 64-bit version of Microsoft xp updates XP sometime later this year and it looks like it is all set to create another revolution!

There is hardly any doubt that Microsoft xp updates has defined and set standards not only for other software developers but also hardware manufacturers. And why shouldn�t it be that way? One statistic claims that world-wide an astounding eighty percent of the computers run on some sort of Microsoft xp updates platform.

Although lately, there has been some stiff competition from other operating systems, Linux especially, it still seems that Microsoft xp updates will continue to remain the most popular operating systems for many more years to come. The biggest issue with other operating systems is that they are not as user friendly as Microsoft xp updates operating systems. It is true that over time other operating systems will also become more and more user-friendly but as of now they hardly stand a chance against Microsoft xp updates operating systems when it comes to popularity!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

CD Burning Program for Free

A few days back, I had an amusing experience. My neighbor�s kid, Antoine, came to my place with a CD and a cigarette lighter because he wanted me to burn his CD!

There are many people out there who, like Antoine, tend to believe that burning a CD means literally burning the CD. Call it a misnomer, or call it wrong connotation, burning a CD is however, something quite different. It means writing data on a CD.

And to write on a CD a Cd burning program for free is required. A Cd burning program for free uses the laser beams of a CD writer to write on a CD. Data in computers are represented by 0 and 1. So to represent 1, a Cd burning program for free actually burns certain sections on a CD and to represent 0 the Cd burning program for free simply skips the burning process.

Even a few years ago, burning a CD was not as popular as it is today. This is mostly because a CD writer and writable CDs cost much less than what they use to cost earlier. And also, a CD is much more reliable than a floppy disk as far as writing and retrieving data is concerned

Not surprisingly, therefore, the market today is flooded with several Cd burning program for free. Some are free, while some are commercial software and many are OEM software. The most popular of these Cd burning program for free is Nero. Nero is a smart Cd burning program for free. It has an excellent graphical user interface (GUI) which makes burning a CD a child�s play.

Windows XP the latest operating system from Microsoft, to hit the market, even comes with a built-in Cd burning program for free. This Cd burning program for free may not be as advanced as Nero or other Cd burning program for free out there but it still can handle CD writing tasks without a glitch.

If you are looking for a good Cd burning program for free then you should visit However, on a cautionary note, before downloading one, do check the reviews on the Cd burning program for free and only download the one with the best reviews!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Manuales Linux Red Hat Enterprise

Manuales linux red hat enterprise is an operating system that was initially created as a hobby by a young student, Linus Torvalds, at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Linus had an interest in Minix, a small UNIX system and decided to develop a system that exceeded the Minix standards.

Manuales linux red hat enterprise has been and is being developed under the GNU or the General Public License and its source code is freely available to everyone. This however, doesn't mean that Manuales linux red hat enterprise and its assorted distributions are free � companies and developers may charge money for it as long as the source code remains available. Manuales linux red hat enterprise may be used for a wide variety of purposes including networking, software development, and as an end-user platform. Manuales linux red hat enterprise is often considered an excellent, low-cost alternative to other more expensive operating systems.

Due to the very nature of Manuales linux red hat enterprise's functionality and availability, it has become quite popular worldwide and a vast number of software programmers have taken Manuales linux red hat enterprise's source code and adapted and changed the kernel (the core of an operating system) of the software to meet their individual needs.

Seeing the popularity of Manuales linux red hat enterprise growing at a very fast pace, many software developers have now realized the potential of Manuales linux red hat enterprise as an operating system. These software developers and individual programmers have nowadays started developing software solutions and applications with the Manuales linux red hat enterprise operating system in mind. The advent and quick development of Apache, PHP and MySQL has also boosted the growth and popularity of Manuales linux red hat enterprise.

Even though Manuales linux red hat enterprise is gaining popularity, it is still not as popular as Windows OS, for example. Many people still consider Manuales linux red hat enterprise to be an operating system for "computer geeks" only. One reason for this being that Manuales linux red hat enterprise is not as "user-friendly" as the Windows or the Mac OS operating system. Installing certain hardware like the "in-built" or "on-board" modems, for example, is still very hard, if not impossible with Manuales linux red hat enterprise!

Even though Manuales linux red hat enterprise is not as "user friendly" as the Windows or the Mac OS, it is still an excellent and cost effective solution for many people and organizations and therefore, over time its popularity is sure to increase. And who knows, in a few years from now it could become as popular as the Windows or the Mac OS.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mac Recognition Software Voice

A user interacts with a computer mostly by using a keyboard or a mouse. Mac recognition software voice allows a computer user to interact with a computer through vocal commands! Yes, with a mac recognition software voice, a user can simply �talk to a computer� and get things done.

Mac recognition software voice have been in the market for a while now. Like other software they have also improved quite a lot in the last 5 or 6 years. The first mac recognition software voice didn�t really offer much to a user but now they are a different story all together!

When mac recognition software voice first hit the market, they were simple applications and required �discrete� speech where a user had to allow a brief period of silence between each word he or she spoke in order for the computer to recognize the speech. But today�s voice recognition does not require such �discrete� speeches. A user can very nearly speak in a normal fashion.

Mac recognition software voice work best when users mix keyboard strokes, mouse pointing and clicking along with voice commands. Using such a combination of inputs simply increases the efficiency of a mac recognition software voice to a great extent.

Two issues about mac recognition software voice must be brought up here. First, mac recognition software voice must be �trained� to understand non-native accents. Mac recognition software voice are generally developed with native speakers in mind. If a user happens to be a non-native speaker (and pronounces words differently) then he or she will have to �force� the software get used to the accent so that it understands the accent properly. The second issue is of correcting. Correcting mistakes can be a bit difficult for new users as choosing correction options can be cumbersome at times.

Mac recognition software voice can be used both by people who cannot fully use hands due to say spinal cord injury, orthopedic trauma, carpal tunnel, etc. and also by people who prefer to dictate rather than type. Either way, mac recognition software voice can be a handy tool for people who have to get things done differently!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Computer Software For Small Businesses

Ever wondered what makes a computer do, the things you want it to do? The answer is computer software for small businesses. Yes, without computer software for small businesses, a computer is nothing more than big dumb-box with a blank screen. Or better, a big paper-weight!

Whatever you do with a computer it gets done because of computer software for small businesses. Broadly speaking there are two types of computer software for small businesses�operating system software and application software.

Operating system software is heart of a computer system. Without such computer software for small businesses, your computer would not run. There are several operating system software like Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 98, Linux, Mac OS, to name a few.

Application software on the other hand are �add on� computer software for small businesses that lets you do the things that you want you do with your computer. Obviously, there are more application software than there are operating system software, as human needs wide and varied. Whatever your specific needs might be, you will most probably find an appropriate application software package. So if want to do word processing, there are several such computer software for small businesses packages, like Microsoft Word. Or if you want to work on graphics, you can get Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, for example.

Most computer software for small businesses, unfortunately, are quite expensive. But then there are many computer software for small businesses that are free or are shareware or extremely cheap. Some computer software for small businesses even have demonstration version. For many people, who are price conscious, or cannot afford expensive computer software for small businesses, such alternatives are a boon. For example, if one finds the Windows operating system software to be expensive he or she can switch to Linux which is free. Similarly, an alternative to Microsoft�s Office is Open Office, which is free.

Today the market is flooded with computer software for small businesses of many types. Most promise to deliver a user the value for his or her money. But unfortunately, more often than not, just the opposite happens. It is therefore imperative that when a user intends to purchase a computer software for small businesses, he or she must be fully aware of the limitations and the functionalities of the computer software for small businesses. Otherwise, a user might just end up getting the bad end of a stick.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Contractor Project Management Software

Are you Project Manager or a Project Coordinator? Is managing several projects at the same time, your daily routine? If you answered yes to both the questions then there are good chances are stressed out because of work pressure. Project management is certainly not an easy job to handle and that too, everyday, unless of course, one has a contractor project management software at his or her disposal.

So then, what really is a contractor project management software and how can it help a harried project manager? Simply put, a contractor project management software is a suite of programs designed to order and structure important data and information related to one or several projects. A good project management sotware stores all sorts of information regarding a project�from employee schedules to cost break-ups. Almost all information regarding on-going projects or past projects can be fetched at the click of a mouse by using a contractor project management software.

Today, we live in a fast paced world and project management requires a lot of decision-makings. Project management decisions are dependent on fast and accurate information. Delayed decisions can result in a lot of damage. And that�s where a contractor project management software comes in. No, a contractor project management software cannot take decide for a project manager but what it can do is provide detailed or summarized information, as and when required by a project manager, to enable him or her in taking quick and correct decisions.

Moreover, with the advent of globalization and e-commerce, the role of contractor project management software has only increased. Therefore, it is no surprise that today more and more project managers are turning towards contractor project management software to make their professional life and job a whole lot easier.

Contractor project management software come in all shapes and sizes. Those that have advanced features (like web enabled, real time data updating) are usually expensive. But then like most other software, there are contractor project management software that are available for free on the internet. If one is interested in getting hold of a free contractor project management software then would be a good place to pay a visit.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Free Virus Protection

Vital Information and Resources Under Siege�that�s the expanded form of the acronym Virus, albeit in slang! Viruses have been an on-going problem for computer users worldwide for decades now.

To combat the menace of viruses, worms and Trojans, software companies have developed free virus protection. Free virus protection are used to search or locate viruses and either �heal� or �kill� virus infected files.. To �kill� viruses, free virus protection simply delete the infected files.

With the advent of internet, viruses have become very an everyday affair for many computer users. It is often said that one in every five computers, is virus infected! For this reason, today, free virus protection play more active roles to protect our computers than say they did even five or six years back. Today, free virus protection should be the part of the armory of every computer user if he or she wants to protect and secure his or her computer.

Free virus protection usually go for a two-pronged process to protect a computer. Almost all free virus protection come with a resident program which gets loaded into the memory of a computer as soon as it starts up. This resident program then works silently in the background by monitoring files that are being used, copied, opened, deleted, etc. and warns a user of a possible virus infection if it detects any abnormality. The other strategy an free virus protection uses is search a program which scans all the files, the folders and the boot sectors of the drives either automatically or as set manually by a user. When searching for virus infections, free virus protection scan for known virus signatures in infected files. If it finds one, it immediately warns the user.

There are several free virus protection out there. The most popular ones are McAfee, Norton, Quickheal, ZoneAlarm and AVG. Any of these is good enough for most users. If however, one is looking for an free virus protection with more robust and advanced features, he or she should get such a solution from Panda Software.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mac OEM Software

You probably have heard the term Mac oem software several times before. But don�t feel discouraged if you do not exactly understand what Mac oem software means�many people don�t. Mac oem software or Original Equipment Manufacturer�s software is a full version of a software. So what is the difference between a commercial version of a software and the OEM version of a software? Basically, Mac oem software can be provided/sold/distributed only with a piece of hardware. For example, the Nero software has an OEM version that can be sold/distributed only with an accompanying hardware, which in this case would be a CD burner. Apart from this, Mac oem software generally does not come with the usual packaging and user manuals. However, the biggest difference is that Mac oem software are heavily discounted. Yes you read it right. Mac oem software are generally much cheaper than the regular version of the same software.

So, wouldn�t it be a good deal if one can buy an OEM version instead of the regular version of a software? Of course yes! But then, that would be completely illegal though. It is true, lately, quite a few unethical websites have been advertising that users can purchase Mac oem software from them at dirt cheap prices. A user should never fall for such a trap. Such �Mac oem software� most of the times are illegal or pirated/counterfeit software. According to the Software & Information Industry Association Anti-Piracy FAQ, Mac oem software is illegal when not used in accordance with the software license. It is not even legal to install an Mac oem software on a computer other than the one with which the software came. When Mac oem software are copied and/or sold separately from the hardware, it is a violation of the license agreement and therefore, illegal. It must be remembered that any user caught using/purchasing such pirated Mac oem software may face criminal charges, even though he or she may have been tricked into using or buying them.

So next time, when you come across such a �deal of a life-time� on Mac oem software while surfing the internet, try to stay away from them. It�s for your own interest!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

CD Kodak Photo Software

Photo software are used to edit digital photos. Because photo editing are usually done by professionals, most photo software are commercial and expensive. While a true professional can justify the price he or she is willing to pay for a photo software, for most amateurs it may not be that way!

Fortunately, there are a few cd kodak photo software that can be downloaded from the internet. It is true that most cd kodak photo software do not come with high-end features like the ones that can be found in Adobe Photoshop but they nevertheless, have some basic photo editing features which are good enough for many users.

Recently, Google launched a cd kodak photo software called Picasa. Although still under development stage, Picasa has the potential to become an excellent cd kodak photo software within the next few years. With upgrades lined up, Picasa is literally set to give a stiff competition to Adobe and Microsoft!

Although strictly speaking not exactly cd kodak photo software (as they come with Microsoft Office which does not happen to be free!), Microsoft Picture Manager or Microsoft Photo Editor are also good for most people who are not professionals. A user can crop, resize, change color levels, adjust brightness and contrast, remove �red eye� problems and do other things with pictures using these cd kodak photo software.

Apart from Picasa and Microsoft Picture Manager/Editor there are some other popular cd kodak photo software like FxPhoto and Preclick. Some hardware manufacturers also provide OEM versions of cd kodak photo software, especially with digital cameras. Once again, strictly speaking, such OEM version software are not really cd kodak photo software as their prices are included with the hardware price. But since, a user does not have to pay anything extra, many consider such OEM versions to be free.

Though cd kodak photo software are a cheaper alternative, they are way still way behind their commercial counterparts. If one is involved with professional photo editing, then he or she should only settle for commercial photo software. Cd kodak photo software should preferably be used for personal photo editing either for fun or simply as a learning tool.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Lottery Companion Software

Gambling is one of the most basic human instincts, and now, even this instinct can be trained. Thanks to lottery companion software for that. Lottery companion software is a kind of entertainment software that promises to help a user develop skills that enhance the chances of winning. Apart from the numerous programs that are already available on the internet, online vendors also develop lottery companion software to fit their customer's requirements. Simply put, a lottery companion software is supposed to help a user to analyze a game, make predictions, and choose winning combination of numbers.

There are several kinds of lottery companion software available today. Some of the most popular are:

� Wheeling system software: these are wheel construction programs which allow the easy generation of wheels of lottery numbers.

� Number generation software: such lottery companion software programs are designed to generate random number combinations.

� Prediction or forecast software: such lottery companion software aim to make a user profcient in the game and to help you develop winning strategies.

� Lottery analysis software: these are mostly databases of past lottery results, often in the form of spreadsheets of statistical information. Lottery companion software of these kinds provide the user with predictions and cracks based upon the analysis of previous games.

� Entry management software: these are lottery companion software made for individual users who want to keep a record of their entries and manage their gambling pursuits in a systematic manner.

� Syndicate management software: such lottery companion software is designed for professional lottery syndicates, groups of serious lottery players who share resources and profits between themselves.

So which lottery companion software should one use? Well, it entirely depends on the user and also on his/her requirements. Before using a lottery companion software, a user should determine which lottery companion software satisfies his or her gambling requirements. There is no �right� or �wrong� gambling software. So it is imperative that a user uses his/her judgment when choosing a lottery companion software. And when deciding on which lottery companion software to go with a user should always keep in mind that a lottery companion software does not guarantee success in gambling!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Discount Microsoft Software

The other day a software salesperson demonstrated to me a video-editing software. It had a popular brand name, state-of-the-art technology, user-friendly approach and easy to use wizards. Everything about it was awesome. And I was almost ready to buy it until I heard the price. My heart sank.

I am quite sure that my experience was not a unique one. It probably happens to most of us�coming across a remarkable software with a deplorable price tag!

If you use a computer regularly you can�t possibly do without software. But here is the predicament of using computer software. You can�t buy original software because most are ridiculously expensive. And you can�t buy pirated software because they are illegal.

That is exactly where discount microsoft software come to the rescue. Many companies, even some of the so-called big shots in the software industry, make their software available at a much lower price, mostly for some special customer groups. These are called discount microsoft software. If you are lucky, then you might belong to one such group and you can avail such discount microsoft software. Discount microsoft software are surely a good bargain for those who are little stretched on their budget.

There are several discount microsoft software in the market that can provide substantial savings to non-profit organizations. There is a company called Consistent Computer Bargains, Inc. that deals with discount microsoft software. It provides discount microsoft software on many leading software titles. Unfortunately it provides such discount microsoft software mostly to non-profit organizations.

Consistent Computer Bargains, another company dealing with discount microsoft software, has made arrangements with several software publishers including Adobe, Corel, Lotus, Macromedia, McAfee, and Microsoft. It however, provides discount microsoft software only for those who are in the health-care industry.

Apart from these two companies, there is Gifts in Kind International. This company, against a small fee can provide one with discount microsoft software. There are several other companies out there who also deal with discount microsoft software. Therefore, if you are looking for a good bargain, you should get in touch with these companies and probably, you will just end up saving a lot of money for yourself!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Free Video Editing Software

A free video editing software is a software using which one can edit video and audio clips, with a standard or modified computer keyboard and mouse. It also means a software incorporated into a turnkey video editing system that consists of a custom, dedicated computer for editing. Some examples of free video editing software are Final Cut Pro, Avid, Vegas Video, Adobe Premiere, and Pinnacle Studio. And a few examples of turnkey video editing systems containing free video editing software are The Casablanca, Kron, and Video Toaster.

So how does a free video editing software actually work? Well, a free video editing software enables a user to upload a video footage into a computer using a process called �video capturing�. The video and audio footage thus captured, is stored in the computer�s hard drive, and can be accessed as and when required during the video editing process.

The best part of using a free video editing software is that such captured footages can be randomly accessed, as they are stored in form of small audio and video �clips� or sections. One can pull up any such section or clip for editing. No need to change videocassettes or reels of tape. Not only that, one can also �drag and drop� and move around the clips and manipulate them in any way one wants to, almost effortlessly.

In a free video editing software these clips are laid down on a timeline that is displayed on the computer screen. Most free video editing software have two separate timelines � one for video and one for audio. More advanced free video editing software can also handle multiple audio and video timelines.

Apart from the usual editing features and tools, free video editing software also allow �insertion� of special effects that can be "rendered" digitally during the editing process. Moreover, during the editing process, titles can also be �inserted� digitally, if needed. There are lots of other amazing things that one do with a free video editing software. No wonder, video editing