Thursday, May 27, 2010

Academic Discount Software

Academic discount software or educational software is, broadly speaking, any software that helps students and teachers in their work. Under academic discount software, we can have electronic books, instructional material, and programs ranging from Home Education software, Edutainment software and Children's software. Not only these, even high-end research tools and aids can be considered as academic discount software. Academic discount software products are designed for a host of users, school, college and university level students, researchers with special interests, and also for students with disabilities.

Academic discount software or computer-aided learning has several advantages: at times they can be more effective than traditional textbooks since they can simulate real life situations and give the student a taste of practical first-hand experience of a subject. Such academic discount software encourage students to think critically rather than simply provide information. Besides, academic discount software is also widely and cheaply available to educational institutions, to the teaching community, to students, and to individuals who wish to put such software to non-commercial use. Apart from software intended specifically for educational purposes, there are also academic versions of many popular software programs such as Photoshop and Windows XP. Such academic discount software may sometimes have limits on the amount of data that can be collected or inputted but are otherwise functionally identical to their commercial counterparts. They are designed to suit the learning environment and therefore, not useful for professional purposes. One can however, always upgrade from such academic discount software version to the professional version, if needed. Academic discount software can be bought from university stores and stores specializing in such software. They can also be do downloaded from the Internet. For free academic discount software and shareware, is a good and useful website.

Today, academic discount software programs have become an essential part of the educational system. However, it is important to remember that academic discount software cannot take the place of teachers, books and research. Academic discount software can supplement but cannot replace them altogether. And finally, it is also vital to monitor and evaluate such software, in order to ensure quality control, before using them.

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