Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cad Surveying Software

Still using a pencil and a paper for drawings? If you want to be another Van Gogh, it is fine with the rest of us! But for architectural and engineering drawings, you are much better off with a Cad surveying software.

So what is a Cad surveying software? A CAD (Computer Aided/Assisted Designing) software is used to facilitate a user in creating architectural and engineering drawings. A Cad surveying software also makes data recording and presentations much easier and better for archaeologists and architects. Instead of creating static and scaled 2D drawings, a Cad surveying software can be used to create geometrical shapes of objects and display the results as 3D models both on screen and on paper. The models may then be viewed from any direction and at any size. Individual views can be further modified by advanced Cad surveying software to provide photo-realistic images. Moreover, with a Cad surveying software dimensional information is better preserved and multiple views are instantly available making manual drafting redundant.

Although a Cad surveying software does not necessarily make the production of an individual drawing quicker or simpler, it does, however, make it far easier to complete the process of making, editing, and printing drawings on paper at scales necessary for specific purposes. These paper drawings then provide the information required to create actual physical objects.

Thanks to modern day computers, nowadays Cad surveying software have become more powerful with better modeling features. The emphasis has now shifted from drawings to objects. That is, Cad surveying software have made it possible to concentrate more on the objects being designed and less on paper drawings.

Even though most of the Cad surveying software available today can produce 3D models they can still be used to create simple, 2D drawings such as a plan of a single-level building.

So if your daily work involves such technical drawings, you might as well start using a Cad surveying software. And as far as being a Van Gogh is concerned, well, you can always try your hand during your spare time!

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