Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Calendar Making Software

Simply put, a calendar making software is a computer program that enables a user to record events on an electronic calendar. However, technically speaking, a calendar making software is a part of a more general category of software known as PIMs (or Personal Information Managers). A calendar making software acts like datebooks, but they have a few advantages over traditional datebooks. Some of the important advantages are:

� Most calendar making software allow automatic entries. Calendar making software allow a user to specify, for example, that the first Monday of every month is a bridge night, and the calendar making software will automatically fill in the appropriate days.

� Usually calendar making software warn a user of an upcoming event by issuing beeps. A user can also customize such beeps.

� Unlike with traditional datebooks, a user can erase an appointment, if needed, without leaving a trace when using a calendar making software.

Even though features vary with each calendar making software, generally most calendar making software that are available in the market provide features like allowing users to attach reminder notes, schedule meetings and appointments, insert audio clips to any day, set alarms and print blank calendars. Many of them also come with built-in search options using which a user can locate a particular entry or reminder note within a few seconds!

Calendar making software are available in huge numbers both as commercial and as free software. Needless to say, commercial versions come with more and better features. However, there are some free calendar making software that are almost as good.

Downloading a free calendar making software may sound exciting but one should be very careful. Like many free software, they also come with hidden malware like spyware and viruses. A free calendar making software should always be downloaded from a reliable website and only after its reviews have been thoroughly checked out. A good place to look for free calendar making software would be

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