Saturday, May 1, 2010

Free Video Editing Software

A free video editing software is a software using which one can edit video and audio clips, with a standard or modified computer keyboard and mouse. It also means a software incorporated into a turnkey video editing system that consists of a custom, dedicated computer for editing. Some examples of free video editing software are Final Cut Pro, Avid, Vegas Video, Adobe Premiere, and Pinnacle Studio. And a few examples of turnkey video editing systems containing free video editing software are The Casablanca, Kron, and Video Toaster.

So how does a free video editing software actually work? Well, a free video editing software enables a user to upload a video footage into a computer using a process called �video capturing�. The video and audio footage thus captured, is stored in the computer�s hard drive, and can be accessed as and when required during the video editing process.

The best part of using a free video editing software is that such captured footages can be randomly accessed, as they are stored in form of small audio and video �clips� or sections. One can pull up any such section or clip for editing. No need to change videocassettes or reels of tape. Not only that, one can also �drag and drop� and move around the clips and manipulate them in any way one wants to, almost effortlessly.

In a free video editing software these clips are laid down on a timeline that is displayed on the computer screen. Most free video editing software have two separate timelines � one for video and one for audio. More advanced free video editing software can also handle multiple audio and video timelines.

Apart from the usual editing features and tools, free video editing software also allow �insertion� of special effects that can be "rendered" digitally during the editing process. Moreover, during the editing process, titles can also be �inserted� digitally, if needed. There are lots of other amazing things that one do with a free video editing software. No wonder, video editing

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