Saturday, May 8, 2010

Free Virus Protection

Vital Information and Resources Under Siege�that�s the expanded form of the acronym Virus, albeit in slang! Viruses have been an on-going problem for computer users worldwide for decades now.

To combat the menace of viruses, worms and Trojans, software companies have developed free virus protection. Free virus protection are used to search or locate viruses and either �heal� or �kill� virus infected files.. To �kill� viruses, free virus protection simply delete the infected files.

With the advent of internet, viruses have become very an everyday affair for many computer users. It is often said that one in every five computers, is virus infected! For this reason, today, free virus protection play more active roles to protect our computers than say they did even five or six years back. Today, free virus protection should be the part of the armory of every computer user if he or she wants to protect and secure his or her computer.

Free virus protection usually go for a two-pronged process to protect a computer. Almost all free virus protection come with a resident program which gets loaded into the memory of a computer as soon as it starts up. This resident program then works silently in the background by monitoring files that are being used, copied, opened, deleted, etc. and warns a user of a possible virus infection if it detects any abnormality. The other strategy an free virus protection uses is search a program which scans all the files, the folders and the boot sectors of the drives either automatically or as set manually by a user. When searching for virus infections, free virus protection scan for known virus signatures in infected files. If it finds one, it immediately warns the user.

There are several free virus protection out there. The most popular ones are McAfee, Norton, Quickheal, ZoneAlarm and AVG. Any of these is good enough for most users. If however, one is looking for an free virus protection with more robust and advanced features, he or she should get such a solution from Panda Software.

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