Friday, May 7, 2010

Mac OEM Software

You probably have heard the term Mac oem software several times before. But don�t feel discouraged if you do not exactly understand what Mac oem software means�many people don�t. Mac oem software or Original Equipment Manufacturer�s software is a full version of a software. So what is the difference between a commercial version of a software and the OEM version of a software? Basically, Mac oem software can be provided/sold/distributed only with a piece of hardware. For example, the Nero software has an OEM version that can be sold/distributed only with an accompanying hardware, which in this case would be a CD burner. Apart from this, Mac oem software generally does not come with the usual packaging and user manuals. However, the biggest difference is that Mac oem software are heavily discounted. Yes you read it right. Mac oem software are generally much cheaper than the regular version of the same software.

So, wouldn�t it be a good deal if one can buy an OEM version instead of the regular version of a software? Of course yes! But then, that would be completely illegal though. It is true, lately, quite a few unethical websites have been advertising that users can purchase Mac oem software from them at dirt cheap prices. A user should never fall for such a trap. Such �Mac oem software� most of the times are illegal or pirated/counterfeit software. According to the Software & Information Industry Association Anti-Piracy FAQ, Mac oem software is illegal when not used in accordance with the software license. It is not even legal to install an Mac oem software on a computer other than the one with which the software came. When Mac oem software are copied and/or sold separately from the hardware, it is a violation of the license agreement and therefore, illegal. It must be remembered that any user caught using/purchasing such pirated Mac oem software may face criminal charges, even though he or she may have been tricked into using or buying them.

So next time, when you come across such a �deal of a life-time� on Mac oem software while surfing the internet, try to stay away from them. It�s for your own interest!

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