Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mac Recognition Software Voice

A user interacts with a computer mostly by using a keyboard or a mouse. Mac recognition software voice allows a computer user to interact with a computer through vocal commands! Yes, with a mac recognition software voice, a user can simply �talk to a computer� and get things done.

Mac recognition software voice have been in the market for a while now. Like other software they have also improved quite a lot in the last 5 or 6 years. The first mac recognition software voice didn�t really offer much to a user but now they are a different story all together!

When mac recognition software voice first hit the market, they were simple applications and required �discrete� speech where a user had to allow a brief period of silence between each word he or she spoke in order for the computer to recognize the speech. But today�s voice recognition does not require such �discrete� speeches. A user can very nearly speak in a normal fashion.

Mac recognition software voice work best when users mix keyboard strokes, mouse pointing and clicking along with voice commands. Using such a combination of inputs simply increases the efficiency of a mac recognition software voice to a great extent.

Two issues about mac recognition software voice must be brought up here. First, mac recognition software voice must be �trained� to understand non-native accents. Mac recognition software voice are generally developed with native speakers in mind. If a user happens to be a non-native speaker (and pronounces words differently) then he or she will have to �force� the software get used to the accent so that it understands the accent properly. The second issue is of correcting. Correcting mistakes can be a bit difficult for new users as choosing correction options can be cumbersome at times.

Mac recognition software voice can be used both by people who cannot fully use hands due to say spinal cord injury, orthopedic trauma, carpal tunnel, etc. and also by people who prefer to dictate rather than type. Either way, mac recognition software voice can be a handy tool for people who have to get things done differently!

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