Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Microsoft XP Updates

Microsoft xp updates are multitasking operating environments mostly running on top of MS DOS and providing IBM PCs and compatibles with a GUI (graphical user interface). They make lavish use of icons, dialog boxes, menus and most importantly mouse pointers. Microsoft xp updates� graphical presentation has made them an easy operating system for the common people, many of whom neither have the desire nor the patience to learn the nitty-gritty details of an operating system. It is therefore not an overstatement to say that because of Microsoft xp updates the word personal computer has become a household term today.

Since its inception, Microsoft xp updates has undergone a lot of metamorphosis. Microsoft Corporation started with Microsoft xp updates Version 3.0 and today they have the 32-bit Microsoft xp updates XP creating a sort of mini-revolution in the computing world. According to most people, Micrsoft Windows XP is so far the best operating system taking into account the GUI, stability, hardware compatibility and the user-friendliness factors. Microsoft Corporation is also all set to launch the 64-bit version of Microsoft xp updates XP sometime later this year and it looks like it is all set to create another revolution!

There is hardly any doubt that Microsoft xp updates has defined and set standards not only for other software developers but also hardware manufacturers. And why shouldn�t it be that way? One statistic claims that world-wide an astounding eighty percent of the computers run on some sort of Microsoft xp updates platform.

Although lately, there has been some stiff competition from other operating systems, Linux especially, it still seems that Microsoft xp updates will continue to remain the most popular operating systems for many more years to come. The biggest issue with other operating systems is that they are not as user friendly as Microsoft xp updates operating systems. It is true that over time other operating systems will also become more and more user-friendly but as of now they hardly stand a chance against Microsoft xp updates operating systems when it comes to popularity!

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