Saturday, May 29, 2010

Totally Free DVD Ripper

Planning to set up a DVD library at home? Sounds like a complex thing to do? Not at all, if you can get hold of a good Totally free dvd ripper.

Totally free dvd ripper are mostly used to copy a DVD disk. But they can also be used to archive old analog tapes and making copies of video record of some memorable event, such as a wedding or high school reunion.

A good Totally free dvd ripper should allow a user to copy a DVD from another DVD. A Totally free dvd ripper usually preserves all existing DVD contents including original menus, previews, captions, and multiple language tracks when copying a DVD movie disk.

Using the shrink option, a Totally free dvd ripper can shrink a 120-minute movie to one DVD media. A Totally free dvd ripper�s intuitive wizard-based design makes it extremely easy for anyone to make a copy of their favorite movies.

With more advanced Totally free dvd ripper one can backup his or her existing DVD collections to DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW. One can not only copy his or her DVD collections to blank DVD discs, but also copy DVDs to hard disk folders. Such Totally free dvd ripper can also generate ISO image files of DVDs. Moreover, an advanced Totally free dvd ripper allows users to personalize his or her favorite DVD movies letting them add their own titles, chapters, subtitles, audios. And yes, users can also remove unwanted contents while personalizing DVD movies.

There are so many Totally free dvd ripper out there, like ProDVD, CloneDVD, etc, that it becomes very difficult to choose one. Therefore, just to be on the safe side, before buying a Totally free dvd ripper, one should check out the demo or trial version of it, if available, to see whether it has high compatibility, speed, and quality. Some of these Totally free dvd ripper also come with free upgrades and patches and free technical support which are always good to have.

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