Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dispatch and Inventory Software

Most management gurus believe that if a business can effectively run and control the inventory then half of its problems are solved! Yes, inventory is such a critical part of a business. Therefore, the success or the failure of a business may all depend on inventory control.

But why is inventory management so critical? Even though inventory is an asset (by accounting standards) it can tie up money that can be used for other purposes in a business. Inventory also requires additional expenses and on top of that it depreciates. However, if a business does not maintain a proper inventory, then it might not be able to take advanctage of orders from customers! So good inventory management is like a balancing act! The better a business manages this, the higher is its chances of succeeding and increasing profits.

Dispatch and inventory software try to help users to efficiently manage the balancing act so that an optimum inventory level is maintained. This insures a smooth and efficient functioning of a business without any hiccups!

But that is not all an dispatch and inventory software does. An dispatch and inventory software allows users more than just taking a stock of inventory. Most dispatch and inventory software tell the �whole� story about the inventory of a business. Using an dispatch and inventory software, users can track the goods coming in and going out, track customer preferences, keep a tab on sales, track goods returned, etc. Armed with a good dispatch and inventory software, users can generate reports and queries just with the click of a button. Dispatch and inventory software, if used properly, can also bring down operating costs and thereby, increase profits.

Dispatch and inventory software, on the negative side, can be quite expensive. This distracts many small businesses from using one. But according to many users, an dispatch and inventory software can cut down costs and increase profits so much that the price of such a software becomes insignificant. Nevertheless, those who are little concerned about the price of dispatch and inventory software they can always find free dispatch and inventory software on the internet by doing a little bit of searching.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Internets Spy Software

Internets spy software spies. Like a hidden camera monitoring the goings-on in your house without your knowledge, internets spy software surreptitiously collects information about your internet and other computer activities, and sends this information to someone else. Strictly speaking, internets spy software is a software working in your computer without your knowledge or consent. However, in a broader sense, the term internets spy software refers to a large body of malware which are used for various purposes, such as, delivering unsolicited advertisements, using private information about the user for commercial ends, and other more harmful activities. While some kinds of internets spy software are relatively benign, others can be very sinister and more dangerous than viruses.

Internets spy software can enter a computer in different ways: in the form of cookies, bundled with freeware programs, through peer-to-peer file swapping products, and also through computer virus. The worst part about internets spy software is that they install very easily. And once installed, they are extremely hard to remove!

Internets spy software not only invades one�s privacy, but can also deliberately harm in many other ways. Internets spy software can track a user�s keystrokes, scan files on the hard drive, snoop on other applications such as chat programs or word processors, install other internets spy software, and change the default home page on the web browser. Internets spy software can also gather information about e-mail addresses, passwords and credit cards leaving a user very vulnerable.

As if these were not enough, internets spy software installed in one�s computer can use up networking bandwidth and the system resources causing the computer to slow down or crash.

Today, many software are available that can tackle such internets spy software. An anti-spyware software typically scans a computer and deletes all internets spy software related entries in the windows registry file, cookies and files. If one wants to protect his or her computer and also his or her privacy, then installing such an anti-spyware software is a must. An anti-spyware should be a part of a computer user�s arsenal just like the anti-virus software!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

GPS Tracking Software

GPS is the acronym for Global Positioning System. A GPS device, simply put, helps a user locate his or her exact position by using a special software called Gps tracking software.

GPS devices when they first came out were mostly used by defense units and airplanes for navigational purposes. Thanks to the ever evolving and improving Gps tracking software, today, GPS devices have become very handy even for common people, especially the visually challenged amongst us.

Choosing the right Gps tracking software can be tough-one, especially for those, who are not that conversant with GPS systems. Here is a quick run-down on some the features that a good Gps tracking software should have:

� A Gps tracking software should keep lists of data items like waypoints, routes, polylines, tracks, etc., whose information can be written to and read from text files and put into supported GPS receivers.
� A Gps tracking software should not only allow users to create new data items, but also modify and delete existing ones.
� A Gps tracking software should be able to record real-time track logging information that can be displayed on moving maps to create tracks.
� A Gps tracking software should support computations of waypoints, routes and tracks.
� A Gps tracking software should be able to make maps to scale using projections that show waypoints, routes, tracks and polylines. For such maps, the Gps tracking software must be able to make use of images as backgrounds, represent waypoints in different ways, show elevation graphs (as side-views or perspectives) and animate the movement along a real-time or a record track.
� Furthermore, a Gps tracking software should support data items searching by waypoints, symbols, start date and patterns matching the item name.
� And finally, a Gps tracking software should provide support for conversions between different position formats like latitude/longitude in DMS, DMM or DDD, etc.

Many Gps tracking software are available for free download from the internet, although most of them are for open source operating systems like UNIX or Linux. If you are planning to tryout a Gps tracking software, GPSMan would be a good one to start with.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Free PC DJ Software

People use computers for different reasons�from educational purposes to entertainment purposes. Today almost every aspect of our lives in some way or the other is affected by computers. So is it a surprise that even DJing can be done on computer these days? Well, not really.

DJing can be both a fun and a tough job to do. Apart from other things, it requires a lot of practice. Software developers therefore have come up with Free pc dj software to help out music enthusiasts and professional DJs alike. One of the more recent Free pc dj software to come to the market is Decks & FX which has been developed by Relentless Software. This Free pc dj software comes with all the tools that a professional DJ will ever need for the perfect club mix!

The biggest advantage of Free pc dj software is that they do away with all the expensive and fancy equipment that DJing requires. With the a good Free pc dj software and a multimedia computer, a DJ needs nothing more but his or her creativity.

Because most Free pc dj software are meant for both beginners and professional DJs, they come with walk through modules. These walk through modules generally describe and explain what and how to use the Djing tools. Many good Free pc dj software have some amazing features. For example, the Decks & FX Free pc dj software has this feature which allows a DJ to record a short track and drop it for later use when it might be needed to mix with the track!

Most Free pc dj software are not really expensive�anywhere between $30 and $100. For a person who is learning to be a DJ a Free pc dj software is an excellent tool. With a Free pc dj software such a person can practice as much as he or she needs to before actually spending any money on the expensive DJing equipments!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free Palm OS Software

The growing popularity of hand held mini-computers has led to a proliferation of free palm os software! Needless to say, this is both a welcome and an obvious trend. Welcome, because they are free. And obvious, because palm computers have almost the same capabilities and features of regular computers and therefore, just as in the PC world, the advent of free palm os software was bound to happen sooner or later!

Palm computers are hand held miniature versions of the laptops and were originally inspired by laptops. Just as in a laptop, using a palm computer one can surf the web, view and send emails, check stock quotes and weather, listen to music and set appointments using a calendar. But to do all these things software is needed. And it becomes even more enticing, if one could just get hold of such software for free!

But where will one get free palm os software? Internet, of course! The internet has loads of free palm os software. However, as of now, the range of free palm os software, is quite limited. The free palm os software that are currently available are mostly games, screen savers, utilities, music and the like.

Memory requirements can also become an issue for some palm computer users. Older palm computers do not have much memory. Today�s most free palm os software are quite resource hungry software. However, the newer and somewhat expensive palm computer models do have sufficient memory and users of such palm computers shouldn�t have any problem downloading even the latest free palm os software. As a matter of fact, developers of free palm os software have already started working on the �memory� issue and now are designing free palm os software that are compact in size and can work even on earlier models.

If one is interested in downloading free palm os software the following sites would be a good place to start with: www.palmgear.com, www.downloads.com and www.thefreesite.com. However, caution should be exercised when downloading free palm os software as some of them could be just a malware in the guise of a free palm os software. One should download free palm os software only from reliable sites.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Free OCR Shareware

Imagine you have an urgent task in hand�digitizing the John Grisham�s The Firm overnight. You could stay up all night typing at a furious speed and still not get done with it. Or you could use a high-end scanner and in minutes scan the entire novel into a computer using an Free ocr shareware!

OCR (or Optical Character Recognition) is the �translation� of optically scanned bitmaps of printed or written text characters into character code, such as ASCII. And the software that helps to do so is called an Free ocr shareware.

So how does an Free ocr shareware work? Well, before an Free ocr shareware can do the �magic� trick, the source materials must be scanned using an optical scanner to read in the page as a bitmap. A Free ocr shareware then processes these scans to differentiate between images and text and determine what letters are represented in the light and dark areas.

Older Free ocr shareware used to match these images against stored bitmaps based on specific fonts and that resulted in lot of inaccuracy. But today�s Free ocr shareware use multiple algorithm of neural network technology to analyze stroke edges, lines of discontinuity between text characters and of course, the background. Allowing for irregularities of printed ink on paper, each algorithm averages the light and dark along the side of a stroke, matches it to known characters and makes a best guess as to which character it is. The Free ocr shareware then averages or polls the results from all the algorithms to obtain a single reading.

Advances are being made to recognize characters based on the context of the word in which they appear. The next generation Free ocr shareware would probably try document recognition that would use the knowledge of the parts of speech and grammar to recognize individual characters.

Even though most modern Free ocr shareware can recognize a wide variety of fonts, handwriting and script fonts that mimic handwriting are still problematic for them. But then, who knows maybe in a few years or so, the Free ocr shareware technology might just become flawless!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Free Norton Antivirus Software

One of the biggest threats for today�s computer users are viruses and worms. To protect our computers from them, we need to have an free norton antivirus software installed. A good free norton antivirus software not only detects virus infections and warns the user promptly, it also �heals� the infected files.

There are several companies out there which have developed free norton antivirus software. There is Norton Antivirus, AVG Antivirus, PC-Cilin, etc. Choosing the right one is always a tough job. The most popular ones are Norton�s, Panda Sofware�s and McAfee�s products. As each computer system is unique, the best way to choose the right free norton antivirus software is by checking out and comparing all the features between several anti-virus products.

Although free norton antivirus software are considered to be life-saver products by most people, there are a few, like Rob Rosenberger of www.vmyths.com, who have a cynical view on them. According to such people, free norton antivirus software are not really that useful as they cannot stop a new virus from creating a havoc. They further argue that free norton antivirus software always come into the picture only after a new virus has already caused enough damage worldwide! Not only that, such people also find it ridiculous that a user has to update virus signature database so often with free norton antivirus software products. According to them, no other type of software requires so much updation!

Regardless of what such cynics might say, there is hardly any doubt that free norton antivirus software should be a part of every computer system. This is especially true because more and more people are using broadband internet connection and transferring files more frequently. Even Microsoft, the software giant, has also realized the importance of free norton antivirus software and is planning to launch its own anit-virus software very soon.

Virus and worms will probably never go away and will keep on attacking our computers even in future. And the only way to minimize the damages caused is by such attacks is by arming our computers with good and reliable free norton antivirus software.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Free Music Recording Software

Just as the name suggests, a free music recording software is a computer program that is used mostly by recording artists for creating and compiling music. A free music recording software can be used to create songs, remix tracks, develop music beds, score videos and even produce 5.1 channel surround audio mixes. Sometimes, free music recording software are also used to create music for websites and flash animations.

Most free music recording software come with built-in support for MIDI and video scoring. They can be used to save audio and video files in different formats like WAV, WMV, WMA, RM, AVI, MOV and MP3. Advanced free music recording software also support alternate time and flexible audio editor and clip-oriented editing system. That is not all, such advance free music recording software may also offer a range of indispensable digital audio editing features and superior CD writing functions. Advanced free music recording software also support multi-tracking recording along with great speed, precision, elegance and stability and thereby provides a complete software-based production environment.

Free music recording software are meant for professionals and as such are mostly commericial software in nature. Their price range from a mere $30 to all the way up to $5,000 and more. Obviously the expensive free music recording software give users all the tools they need to mix and record music. Some of the popular free music recording software are WaveLab, Essential, Acid PRO and SONAR.

Like most things in our lives, music has also been touched by the magic wand of technology. Music has changed from the way it was, say even 20 years back. Today technology has become an important ingredient for music�from composition to all the way to recording. Free music recording software, therefore, plays an important role in the overall development of music.

So if you are a music enthusiast or a professional and you do not happen to have a free music recording software, you should get one immediately. Without a free music recording software you are probably missing out a lot of things. Check out www.loopwise.com and get the best free music recording software for yourself!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Free ID Cards Software

ID card�perhaps one of the most needed things in today�s life. But what exactly is an ID card? An ID card is identification card that is used to verify membership or to limit access to specified privileges or to allow entry to a property, building or specific area.

ID cards are created using a number of high-tech hardware and software. This software is called an Free id cards software. An Free id cards software is used to create any of the following ID cards.

Digitial photo ID: This is the most secure and one of the most common type of ID. Using an Free id cards software, a user can print the picture of a person directly on a card. An Free id cards software uses several templates to print directly on a PVC card directly from a computer. Such Free id cards software require a dye sublimation printer that can print in full color. Furthermore, an Free id cards software may also require a special 4-color ribbon. Using the Free id cards software, a user can include additional security features like, access control, time and attendance, recording and e-cash capabilities. An Free id cards software allows a user to enter name and information on a special screen, check and then print them.

Self-Developing Photo ID: The Free id cards software required for these type of IDs is very basic in nature as these IDs are mostly prepared manually. To prepare these type of IDs an instant film camera along with pre-printed Teslin cards are required. The data is stored manually using the Free id cards software for such cards.

Pre-printed Cards: Though not the most common, pre-printed ID cards are usually created in huge numbers every year by many organizations worldwide. These cards are suitable to use for one-time or temporary passes, just like theater tickets and usually come without photographs.

Unlike most software, Free id cards software are mostly commercial packages and therefore, only a few Free id cards software are available for free download. If you are looking for a good quality Free id cards software the best way to go about it would be to purchase a commercial version.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Free Email Blasting Software

The word �Email� or �e-mail� is an abbreviation for electronic mail, the transmission of messages over communications networks. The software that handles such transmission of messages is called an free email blasting software. The early free email blasting software used to be very simple and did not allow a user to do things that we take for granted these days. For example, the early free email blasting software allowed user to send and receive text messages.

But like most things in the information technology word, free email blasting software also went through a sea change in a span of just a few years. We can so many things with today�s free email blasting software. We can send text messages, we can send audio files, we can pictures and amazingly we can even video files. Yes, even movies can be sent through email these days.

So what are some of the most popular free email blasting software? Microsoft�s Outlook Express and Outlook are very popular free email blasting software worldwide. One reason being for their popularity is because they are simple and easy to use. Not only that, they can also be automatically configured with Microsoft�s own email services like Hotmail and MSN.

Eudora is another free email blasting software that has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. Although it is quite simple as far as look and feel are concerned, it has a lot of advanced features (spam control, for example) that appeals to a lot of email users.

But then there are a lot of user, who not only want an free email blasting software to provide all the necessary advanced features but make the whole experience (of using emails) a fun and pleasurable one. For them, Incredimail is such an free email blasting software as it comes packed with many advanced features and also have lots of in-built animations and letter styles.

So which free email blasting software should one go for? Well, many free email blasting software are available for free on the internet (www.download.com) and for most people they are good enough. However, if one wants to use an free email blasting software that has advanced features then he or she might have to purchase one.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Warehouse Distribution Software Miami

A warehouse distribution software miami is essentially a powerful management software that are designed specifically for distribution companies, whole distributors and other businesses looking to streamline their distribution process.

Most warehouse distribution software miami typically offer integrated functionalities and vast efficiency gains in areas of supply chain management, HR management, customer relationship management and of course, e-business. Many warehouse distribution software miami even offer direct integration with a business� financial systems! Because most standard warehouse distribution software miami are generally �massive� and offer so much functionalities, they are typically ERP (or Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions.

Though warehouse distribution software miami are generally used by large distribution companies, even small and medium sized distribution companies can take advantage of warehouse distribution software miami. Most warehouse distribution software miami can be customized according to a company�s specific needs and requirements.

Warehouse distribution software miami are usually on the expensive side and can run into several thousands of dollars. However, according to most businesses that have installed a warehouse distribution software miami such an investment is not a waste at all. After all, distribution companies know that there is always an overwhelming need to reduce costs and expenses to improve overall revenues. A good warehouse distribution software miami can help them to identify the areas where costs involved can be brought down (if not eliminated altogether!) and improve the existing processes. The amount of money that a good warehouse distribution software miami can save is much more compared to what it costs.

There are several software companies that offer warehouse distribution software miami solutions. Choosing the right one depends mostly on users� needs and requirements and also on the features of such software. At minimum, a standard warehouse distribution software miami should provide the following functionalities:

� Online Quote Entry and Conversion
� Product Category Management
� Advanced Customer Price Sheets
� Attribute Based Customer Pricing
� Rebate Management
� Promotional Management
� UPC Code Creation and Storage
� Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
� Product Return Entry and Management
� Online Vendor Catalog Review and Processing
� Product Specifications and Data Sheets Storage, Printing, and Online Review

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Video Capture Free Software

Today�s computers are capable of doing amazing things. Things that even a few years ago were unimaginable! One such remarkable that a computer can do today is video capturing. And to do video capturing, not only special hardware is required but also a video capture free software is needed.

A video capture free software is basically a software that can capture streaming audio and video either directly through a TV-tuner card or through other devices like a video camera. But that is not all, a video capture free software can also be used to record DVD, VCD or other video and audio movies. A user can even use a video capture free software to make slide-show presentations!

A few years back videos were mostly stored in analog format like VHS cassettes, for example. But with progress in technology and with the advent of video capture free software, storing videos in superior digital format such as CDs and DVDs became the norm. Thanks to video capture free software, analog storage media are becoming �extinct� at a very rapid pace. And this trend is surely continue as computers and video capture free software will only get faster and better in future.

Apart from recording or capturing videos, some video capture free software also users to �improve� upon the recorded video. These video capture free software actually come with video editing capabilities!

While high-end video capture free software can be expensive there are also some less expensive types in the market. Microsoft�s Windows XP even comes with a very basic video capture free software��Moviemaker�. One can use this �free� video capture free software to capture streaming videos and edit them!

For video capturing, apart from the video capture free software, a video and a sound card are also required. Needless to say, only good quality hardware coupled with a good video software can produce great results. And so, for professional quality video capturing, it is imperative that a user doesn�t compromise either on the hardware or on the software quality!