Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Free Norton Antivirus Software

One of the biggest threats for today�s computer users are viruses and worms. To protect our computers from them, we need to have an free norton antivirus software installed. A good free norton antivirus software not only detects virus infections and warns the user promptly, it also �heals� the infected files.

There are several companies out there which have developed free norton antivirus software. There is Norton Antivirus, AVG Antivirus, PC-Cilin, etc. Choosing the right one is always a tough job. The most popular ones are Norton�s, Panda Sofware�s and McAfee�s products. As each computer system is unique, the best way to choose the right free norton antivirus software is by checking out and comparing all the features between several anti-virus products.

Although free norton antivirus software are considered to be life-saver products by most people, there are a few, like Rob Rosenberger of www.vmyths.com, who have a cynical view on them. According to such people, free norton antivirus software are not really that useful as they cannot stop a new virus from creating a havoc. They further argue that free norton antivirus software always come into the picture only after a new virus has already caused enough damage worldwide! Not only that, such people also find it ridiculous that a user has to update virus signature database so often with free norton antivirus software products. According to them, no other type of software requires so much updation!

Regardless of what such cynics might say, there is hardly any doubt that free norton antivirus software should be a part of every computer system. This is especially true because more and more people are using broadband internet connection and transferring files more frequently. Even Microsoft, the software giant, has also realized the importance of free norton antivirus software and is planning to launch its own anit-virus software very soon.

Virus and worms will probably never go away and will keep on attacking our computers even in future. And the only way to minimize the damages caused is by such attacks is by arming our computers with good and reliable free norton antivirus software.

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