Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free Palm OS Software

The growing popularity of hand held mini-computers has led to a proliferation of free palm os software! Needless to say, this is both a welcome and an obvious trend. Welcome, because they are free. And obvious, because palm computers have almost the same capabilities and features of regular computers and therefore, just as in the PC world, the advent of free palm os software was bound to happen sooner or later!

Palm computers are hand held miniature versions of the laptops and were originally inspired by laptops. Just as in a laptop, using a palm computer one can surf the web, view and send emails, check stock quotes and weather, listen to music and set appointments using a calendar. But to do all these things software is needed. And it becomes even more enticing, if one could just get hold of such software for free!

But where will one get free palm os software? Internet, of course! The internet has loads of free palm os software. However, as of now, the range of free palm os software, is quite limited. The free palm os software that are currently available are mostly games, screen savers, utilities, music and the like.

Memory requirements can also become an issue for some palm computer users. Older palm computers do not have much memory. Today�s most free palm os software are quite resource hungry software. However, the newer and somewhat expensive palm computer models do have sufficient memory and users of such palm computers shouldn�t have any problem downloading even the latest free palm os software. As a matter of fact, developers of free palm os software have already started working on the �memory� issue and now are designing free palm os software that are compact in size and can work even on earlier models.

If one is interested in downloading free palm os software the following sites would be a good place to start with:, and However, caution should be exercised when downloading free palm os software as some of them could be just a malware in the guise of a free palm os software. One should download free palm os software only from reliable sites.

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