Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Video Capture Free Software

Today�s computers are capable of doing amazing things. Things that even a few years ago were unimaginable! One such remarkable that a computer can do today is video capturing. And to do video capturing, not only special hardware is required but also a video capture free software is needed.

A video capture free software is basically a software that can capture streaming audio and video either directly through a TV-tuner card or through other devices like a video camera. But that is not all, a video capture free software can also be used to record DVD, VCD or other video and audio movies. A user can even use a video capture free software to make slide-show presentations!

A few years back videos were mostly stored in analog format like VHS cassettes, for example. But with progress in technology and with the advent of video capture free software, storing videos in superior digital format such as CDs and DVDs became the norm. Thanks to video capture free software, analog storage media are becoming �extinct� at a very rapid pace. And this trend is surely continue as computers and video capture free software will only get faster and better in future.

Apart from recording or capturing videos, some video capture free software also users to �improve� upon the recorded video. These video capture free software actually come with video editing capabilities!

While high-end video capture free software can be expensive there are also some less expensive types in the market. Microsoft�s Windows XP even comes with a very basic video capture free software��Moviemaker�. One can use this �free� video capture free software to capture streaming videos and edit them!

For video capturing, apart from the video capture free software, a video and a sound card are also required. Needless to say, only good quality hardware coupled with a good video software can produce great results. And so, for professional quality video capturing, it is imperative that a user doesn�t compromise either on the hardware or on the software quality!

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