Thursday, July 15, 2010

Free Blackberry Software

Corporate people who are always on the move had this nagging problem for sometime now: accessing their corporate email while on the road. It is essential for them as it is one of the ways by which they can stay on top of things. Research In Motion (RIM) has come up with a solution for them�BlackBerry wireless e-mail solution. The BlackBerry solution essentially lets a user use his or her existing corporate email address to send and receive email from a RIM wireless handheld device over a third-party wireless network with the help of Free blackberry software.

Free blackberry software is designed to be the only portable e-mail, internet and personal management system that a mobile professional will ever need. A Free blackberry software (along with the BlackBerry devices) allows a user to stay on the move while remaining connected. Because a Free blackberry software is essentially a software, it must be synchronized with other personal information management system (PIM) software that a user might be using, from time to time. Not only that Free blackberry software data also needs to be backed up on a regular basis to avoid data losses.

Installing a Free blackberry software is a simple task and most users do it without any problems. However, before installing a Free blackberry software, a user must insure that his or her system system meets compatibility requirements. The latest version of the Free blackberry software will install and run on the following setups:

� Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, and Windows XP with at least 16MB of RAM
� Windows NT 4 with at least 32MB of RAM
� Also, one serial port and a serial port adapter is required

Due to the gaining popularity of Free blackberry software and its devices, the leading mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, is making their new sets �BlackBerry enabled.� Free blackberry software has been able to create a small revolution in the corporate world and the way the things are looking, it will surely create a new standard in wireless and mobile communication very soon!

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