Monday, July 19, 2010

Free P2P Software

In simple terms, a Free P2P software is a software that allows different computer users to share files among themselves. The files could be any type�documents, movies, audio clips, pictures, etc. The word �P2P� is an abbreviated form of the phrase �peer-to-peer�.

To understand how a simple Free P2P software works, imagine this scenario. You are looking for a particular movie, say a movie that captured the fall of the World Trade Center towers as it was happening. You searched the internet but you couldn�t find one. So what do you do? You get hold of a Free P2P software. Using the Free P2P software you search again. The Free P2P software, searches all the computers (not the internet!) that are currently online and using the same peer-to-peer network, for the file and finds the movie for you. Chances of finding a file are much higher using a Free P2P software than using the internet.

Lately, Free P2P software have gained a lot of popularity among computer users. One such popular Free P2P software is Imesh. Like most Free P2P software, Imesh is also available for free from the internet. It must be warned here that most free Free P2P software come loaded with adware and spyware and sometimes even with Trojans and viruses. So using a Free P2P software might result in a comprise of a computer�s security and of course, a user�s privacy.

Even though Free P2P software have gained a lot of popularity, they have also attracted a lot of flak. This is because Free P2P software encourages piracy. A few years back, the developers of a P2P network/software called �Napster� were dragged to the court, because their software was encouraging music piracy. There is another issue with Free P2P software. People can indulge in appalling things like pornography and child pornography when using a Free P2P software. It is therefore very important for a user to stay away from such illegal activities and use his or her own good judgment while using a Free P2P software.

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