Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Free Palm Software

Palm computers. You probably, have the heard the word, even if you are not a tech-savvy person. A palm computer is a computer that not only fits in your pocket but also in your palm, as well! That�s why the name. Or in other words, palm computers are mini-computers that work like the regular computers. They have come a long way since their birth. Today, with a palm computer one can access the web, send emails and even get stock market quotes. But that is not all. One can do lots of other things with a palm computer�like setting up appointments, listening to music and playing games. The list is probably endless. But just like a typical computer, palm computers also need software to work or function. These special software are called Free palm software. With the popularity of palm computers on the rise, free palm software have flooded the market. There are lots of free palm software that are available on the internet, ready to be downloaded!

So how does one download a free palm software? After all it is not a typical computer! The question may sound baffling but the solution is very simple. All one needs to do is hook up a palm computer to a regular computer (using the USB port) and download all free palm software one needs to download.

Several sites on the internet like, www.PalmGear.com, have a good collection of free palm software. Most free palm software are free. Some of them are not free but nevertheless, reasonably priced. The range of free palm software available for download is quite broad too. However, caution must be exercised while downloading a free palm software! A free free palm software that one downloads may later turn out to be a virus! So one should download free palm software only from trustworthy websites. Not only that, it is always better to read the review of free palm software before actually hitting the �Download� button.

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