Thursday, July 22, 2010

Free Software Downloads

Trying hard to get hold of a free software but cannot manage to find one? Fret not! The internet is a wonderful resource when it comes for free software downloads.

Yes, it is true a lot of websites claim to allow free software downloads but in reality they are not free in the true sense of the word��free�. Most of those �free software downloads� websites actually have open source software that in reality, come with a price tag.

But there are several other internet sites that indeed allow free software downloads. happens to be such a website. And so is Anyone can go to these websites and download free software to his or her content, from their huge collection. Free software downloads are mostly available for home or personal use. But some software developers also allow free software downloads for commercial use. They use free software downloads as a promotional tool. To generate revenue, such software developers insert ads, logos, website URLs etc. However, free software downloads for commercial uses are mainly restricted to games, screensavers, or small utility programs.

Free software downloads are also allowed by the �warez� or �crack� websites. Needless to say, these software are actually �cracked� and therefore, illegal to use or distribute. One should not download software from these websites as such an action might lead to legal penalties. Similarly, some BBS sites also allow free software downloads. Again, a user should be very careful while downloading software from such websites. Pirated software are quite common in such websites.

Apart from the legal part, there is also another issue with free software downloads. The problem of malware�viruses, worms and Trojans. It might look tempting and enticing to download a free software that has some great features but they may actually be malware in the disguise of a free software.

Finally, some software available as free software downloads are actually public domain software. These software that are no longer copyrighted and one can use them in any way one may desire, without having to seek the permission of or pay any royalty to the developer.

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